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Hi guys this is the first time I’ll be writing an “Every !SO! often” blog on this page. I usually blog on GTTV and recently on IGN, but i think I’ll start blogging here from now on. For those who don’t know of my blog you can find links to my old work in the contact us link ^^. Ok down to business, I’m on the attack again on what you might ask? read on and find out.

the forth coming

The forth coming is a section i added to my last official “Every !SO! often” so i’ll be following up on it. this section is based on my passion for videogame development, when i first wrote on this topic I had not begun to think on how i would get together a group of people to bring my dream to life, it even came to a point where i thought of scrapping the idea and just making a simple indie project on my own, just for the fun of it. Then my famous ego kicked in and it said “go big or go home”. So here we are almost a year later since then and i have been around the woods and back, i’ve made some new friends, had some strange relationships and changed jobs for the better. Oh and i almost forgot i started button smashers blog and the podcast XD. Life is strange who would have thought i’d be doing a podcast every week lol , most certainly not me. Anyway i need to stop rambling on and on about my thoughts or i’ll never finish. So my dream is starting to show progress, i have been lucky to meet some of the coolest people to work with on my idea. We have not started to work on anything yet but i plan to start to beat the fire started under this proverbial pot very soon. Stay tuned next time i post i plan to have screen shots of my project to show :)

This will forever be my favourite section to write in, just because of the great delight it brings me when thinking about music i love (btw I’m singing along as i type lol). As i stated in one of my past “Every !SO! often”. I believe music is the key to the soul just like the key to your door, and the key to my door has changed over time and made full circle back to where it is most comfortable. It’s strange how much my musical taste has changed over the last month alone, man has my head been in a mess lol. I changed from alternative rock, to love music, then soul, pop and now I’m on rock (fall out boy) if you’re wondering. I have to say the different stages of my taste in tunage these last few months were all because of the amount of things swimming around in my mind and heart. See if you can guess what my feelings were for each change i listed.
As usual this is my current playlist:

My next playlist: teen fustration


thanks for the stickers “Kita”

this week in NEXT i’m gonna be talking about my beautiful 3DS, partially because i’ve not been gaming as much as i use to :/ and because i have not really spoken about my precious since i got it.
Ok what you need to know about the Nintendo’s new little 2 screen piece of heaven. To start this one if you have not ever used a 3DS go out to a store and window shop, peep in your neighbour who has one house, look over a friends shoulder anything you can do to see this sweet piece of hardware is ok in my book. (listening to Boulevard Of Broken Dreams at this point) ok back on topic the 3DS is a fascinating piece of hardware it has been designed to be small, sleek and most important portable. the 3DS inherits some of the features of Nintendo’s last handheld the DSI *the 2 screens, cameras, touch input and wifi * but the 3DS takes it up a whole new level the top screen has glasses less 3D, the cameras in the back of the top screen can record 3D, the system has a circle pad and of course better graphics. Now don’t get me wrong the graphics are not on the level of the PSVITA which imitates the quality you get on a home console but 3DS does not need better graphics to win over our hearts because as gamers we all know that it’s not about the hardware but more about the games. I for one find it hard to play home console games these days because of my busy schedule. When i go out all i need is something simple to pass the time and the 3DS is more than happy to facilitate the kind of game play i need. The next catch the 3DS has a feature called street pass which allows you to share content with other 3DS owners as you pass them on the go. You won’t believe how addictive this can get when it comes to trying to get other people mii’s to help you finish the find me game or to get all the puzzles. Now even though i love 3DS so much i do have some grips with it. 1 is the extremely short battery life, i can’t tell you how often i charge it, but i think you get about 3-5 hours of game play with all the cool features switched off “not cool Nintendo”. The next problem i have is the fact that i as a Trinidadian i can’t access all the features on my 3DS like Nintendo video and netflix, as a software developer i understand the reasons for this but that doesn’t mean i agree with them :P


This week is the return of my new favourite abc family summer comedy “Melissa & Joey” . I can happily say this new season has a very good start. The skits are so funny and Joe and Mel are still able to annoy each other even though you can see the secret tension. Lennox is still cute as ever, and Ryder continues to confuse me, lol what a funny dude. I won’t spoil the episodes. All i can say is season 2 has a strong start and you have 2 episodes to watch.


Now its time to fill your stomachs with some Food Food Food !

As you may know Eating is one of my most enjoyed pastimes, and here is my own way for making a midnight snack.

  • bread your sister made
  • cheese
  • ketchup

first off get your sis to make you bread before it gets late. acquire bread after your family goes to bed.
slice a good size of the loaf and then slice it in half.
slice the cheese into thin slices.
apply cheese to the sliced loaf.

and the ketchup to the cheese and close your loaf now your done.

this was fun !  to write hope it was as fun to read.

till next every !SO! often.

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