Every !SO! often life’s a bitch

It’s been a long trip from my last so often. Life is as confusing as ever, moving from moments of extreme happiness to those sickening moments of sorrow. I once told myself i will have no more sorrow in my life by not allowing anyone to get too close to me that they leave an imprint on my heart. Against my better judgement I’ve been a fool ” hah”. This is what happens when you make exception in your life rather than going with the plan *sigh. They do say after the storm there is the calm, I happily await my calm. From now on though I’m gonna be a smart guy and stick to my plan. Sorry to start this so often on such a sad melodramatic tone but i think clearly when i type my thoughts. So other than my sorrow life has been pretty cool got a lot in the pipelines XD.

The forth coming

This segment of my blog has needed some much needed new content to make it relevant. I’m happy to say. My dream of creating a videogame development studio is well on its way. We have struck gold adding a ton of new talent to our team. We have not begun working on any projects together yet but as with most of my plans summer is the best time to execute them. I have gotten so excited with the speed at which things business wise have been going in my life that i have started new character concepts for a new demo already. I can’t say much concerning the details of our new projects yet but trust me when i say it’s gonna be pretty cool.


My, my how my tastes have gotten mixed up over the last 2 months as i stated in my last blog. I am happy to say my tunage is finally wonderful to listen to again. For most who have read my blogs from since GT you would know i forge memories with the music I’m listening to at that particular time in my life. The last month i had some epic tunage but it turned to a sickening drell of noise accompanied by bad memories due to some aspects in my life. Now that moment has passed I’ve started filling my soul with awesome tunage. I’m currently listening to “my shooter by groove cutter” as i type this on my phone. I’ve also found a mind blowing Canadian band named “courage of my love”. To check out the rest of my fix reference my new playlist. Also leave a comment to point me to what you are listening to help me build this new playlist “little heaven
little heaven

little heaven2

little heaven3


I haven’t been gaming much these days except for reviews (which is like work) but that will change as i reschedule my life. It is summer btw and there is no better time to relax and enjoy life. I recently dusted off my copy of tales of vesperia to get my fix of good old rpg goodness. While the play through was mildly enjoyed i have to say these days i can’t seem to focus on one thing at a time. While playing i was watching vids on YouTube and installing development software on my pc :(. There are a ton of great titles out this summer most noted kingdom hearts, Sleeping dogs and Darksiders 2. I have reviewed both Darksiders 2 and Sleeping dogs and both are must haves for a summer of fun.

sleeping dogs

darksiders 2


When i think of what I’m watching these days. It kinda strikes me as strange but then again i have changed a little lol.

I’m still watching melissa and joey, which is as funny as it ever was Lenix is still uber cute, Ryder still makes me role wonder if he’s stupid or just plain genius. Mel and Joe still have those awkward moments that are so mushy (damn I hate that word *bleh).
mel and joe

I also watched the entire first season of an mtv show called crash canyon as well as the first season awkward. Both shows are solid show “CC” being along the lines of a show like family guy or Archer. Awkward on the other hand is a melodramatic show with a moral building message at the end of each episode similar i dear say the totally awesome scrubs. So basically that’s my taste on tele these days.




OH wait I almost forgot I’m also watching some Anime called Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai and two others called sword art online and Acarna Famiglia.


All 3 are superb look forward to my review of them in the near future,


oh yeah ………………….:)

this is by far my favourite part of this blog this week. I will be sharing my famous curried eggs which will be the first in a long line of famous curried dishes I have attempted XD


• French accent (because all the great chefs have them)

• Pack of curry (I used special curry *at least it said so on the pack and would the pack lie?)

• Chicken eggs

• Cheese

• Tin of vienna sausage

• Onions

• Margarine Butter

• Bread (optional)

First we will use our French accents to read the recipe like so:

peel your onions and slice them up into small pieces with a sharp knife.

Crack 3 eggs in a bowl and stir the eggs till the yolk and white are all mixed up.

Take the cheese and grate as much as you want. By this point you should put your pan on the stove with the flame on low and add some butter and let it melt. Take some of the onions and curry and add it to the eggs. Mix it a bit and add it to the pan, while it starts frying start cutting up your sausages in the pan. Sprinkle some cheese on top add the rest of the onions and mix the eggs till it’s nice and cooked.

now enjoy your curried eggs XD.

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