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I’ve been playing the FIFA 13 on my Wii for the past week or so and I have to give the developers credit. The game is loads of *fun. “Fun” a thing I have not felt much in a while as a gamer. Most of the games I play these days seem like a chore or a job rather than the fun they use to be. For me this is because of the new social ways that gaming has been advanced. As my BSB+ profile indicates I’m a solo gamer and as such I don’t much care for the online multiplayer stuff and such. I think this is a curse of being a kid of the 90’s and growing up on RPG’s and indie rock.

green never looked so good
green never looked so good

Now the charming thing that sets FIFA 13 Wii apart from the rest is not just the fact that the graphics are so sweet or that it does not have online but the fact that the game is simple. Simple to the point that it is fun and not a bore. The controls are perfect and quite similar to the PS3 and 360 controls; if u have a classic controller pro that is.
The modes are split up in to normal matches, street matches, career, tournament mode and this weird but fun city object oriented mode.

My FIFA 13 City
My FIFA 13 City (the Button Smashers Nation

For those of you who have played the 2012 version this is not for you, because I’ve read the stories and the game is supposed to be identical to that version except for a few cosmetic changes. That aside the game play is amazing and addictive as you play the street modes and level up your created player, who can also go to your favorite clubs and play for them as they progress in their career, “Hala Madrid”.

Check digital me out
Check digital me out

The game also has this reward and power up system. As you complete matches and win of course. Your personal city given to you by the mayor of AWESOME!!! Gets some updates like fan clubs for your player, better stadiums, new building and more as you play and gain fame points. The power ups are also given to you as you complete matches and boy are they cool and refreshing. Some give you a little speed boost, while others change your opponents in to garden gnome sized losers.

All in all FIFA 13 is a fun affair and a must have for those footy fans with a Wii and an inner kid inside. 😀


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