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Last night Sony announced their console for the next generation the PlayStation 4. PlayStation has always been the middle child that you want to like but end up hating because they’re spoiled brats that only want the expensive stuff. So last night when Sony showed off their next toy I was just watching out of curiosity and not excitement, and before anyone jumps up and says something stupid like oh you’re going to bash the ps4 because you’re a Nintendo fan or you don’t own a PlayStation so shot up. Spoiler alert I am a fan of Most of the Games that are on Nintendo consoles because they are for the most part “Fun”, also I do have a PlayStation 3 and have owned both PS2 and PSP in the past.

OK now that that’s out of the way last night’s announcements proved that the leaked information about the ps3 that we mentioned on the Button smashers podcast weeks before were right. The system was slated to have a custom 8 core AMD APU (accelerated processing unit) in layman terms a GPU and a CPU in one and 8 GB of DDR5 memory. Of cost it will have all those other stuff you expect from a modern console like Wi-Fi, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, etc.

At this point you might be asking yourself what sets this apart from what I already own? What does it do that defines it as something that I need to buy other than graphics and performance updates? These were the questions I was asking myself while I was watching last night’s presentation. The PS4 will come with the new PlayStation eye they said, it would have Duel lenses, with a 1200X800 resolution at 60 frames/second and it would be able to identify players. Now if I’m reading this right that seems like an upgraded Kinect too me, of which I do not need, because I currently have a Kinect and don’t use it for Valid reasons I will not repeat here (listen to my podcast I mentioned it several times in the past). So all in all Sony was off to a bad start for “ME” as a gamer. Why would I want some Kinect rip off which I’m sure is good tech mind you but, why?

Totally not ripping off kinect
Totally not ripping off kinect

The next thing Sony showed me that I didn’t much care for was the fact that move will still be supported,  but not the ps3’s duel shock controller that people actually use and would want if they plan to upgrade to this next platform. The new controller has a touch pad and moveisk light on the top of it so we suspect they are going to argue that that is the reason they can’t support the ps3 control but you and I both know that is a load of Bull. Both controls have a similar design and the same amount of face buttons as far as I can see from the images I’ve seen online so why not Sony, way to alienate your potential buyers.

PS4 Duelshock 4 controller
Duelshock 3 PS3 controller
PS3 Duelshock 3 controller

I would have thought Sony would stop there at the blasphemy they are creating but no, this is Sony we are talking about the Console manufacture equivalent of scrooge. They decided it would be a good idea to take away the PS3’s ability to play PS2 games so that they can sell you the same game again in their store. Well guess what scrooge is back and he wants your money. Some smart person in Sony decided it would be a good idea to make the PS4 not backward compatible “FFFFFFFFFFFFF, control yourself Q? This is just a console nothing more”.

So far one reading this article would think I don’t like the Sony, and you’d be wrong to think so. My second favorite gaming platform of all time happens to be Sony’s PlayStation portable, and two of my favorite video game series are Infamous and uncharted. What bothers me about the PS4 is that they are following the trends they have caused them to remain the middle child all these years, selling us on gorgeous graphics with the high price tag attached and blatant knock off. It’s like Sony is the gaming worlds China (no offence China, but you do have a lot of knock offs).

The PS4 could not be all, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t like some of the presentation. Of cost the new infamous game had me excited and so did killzone (I’m not a KZ fan I just like the way it looked). The rest I won’t mention because they are multiplatform and are also on or going to be on current gen I.e. watch dogs. the ability to stream content out the box with out need of a capture box is also a plus.

If you ask me if the PS4 is going to fail I would be on the ban wagon to say yes but will withhold that answer because the gaming industry is a surprising mistress and who knows how much people out there were watching the same presentation I was watching and Shouting “Wooooooh” from start to finish #sigh.

All I can say for Sony is hopefully you change your mind on the backwards compatibility, Duel shock 3 support and for once, for once realize why people liked you in the first, the damn original exclusives (uncharted, G.O.W, infamous, heavenly sword, crash bandicoot, ratchet and clank, etc.).


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