Asura’s Wrath Review



Language: English
Original Developer: CyberConnect2
Publisher: Capcom
Type: Visual Action Beat em up
Format: PS3/Xbox 360

For those readers that have followed my articles from way back when I use to blog on You would know that I don’t get to play as much as I would like. I still how ever consider myself some what of a hardcore gamer in some regard. This has resulted in me collecting tons of games over the years that have been sitting on my shelf waiting to be played, one of the more recent games to join this collection of mine was Asura’s Wrath.

Asura’s Wrath was a rather peculiar game if you ask me, because there was not much game in it. then again what makes a game a game. If I had to define a video game I would say:

it is a piece of interactive medium used for entertainment

by that definition I would have to conclude that Asura’s Wrath is in fact a game; a unique, over the top escapade of a game, but still a game.

“It has more in common with Anime than other games”

Asura’s the lead protagonist in the game (his name is in the title) is a part of an advanced race of humanoids who are referred to as Demi gods in the context of the story. They are very cybernetic, hence the glowing eyes and numerous hands Asura has on his back. They also seem to have no need for oxygen. The plot borrows from a mix of indian, buddhist and (cyberpunk science fiction) styles to create a strange yet uniquely interesting story and feel. This is very prevalent in the art style and character names, like asura.

Asura’s story begins with him and his comrades the Eight Guardian Generals as they are called, in a heated battle with a giant space beast extending out of the planet (Gaea) below. The beast in the game are referred to as Gohma and are lead by Vlitra. this massive creature cracks opens Gaea and extends itself out from its core in it’s battle with the demigods, a phenomena that I as someone that studied physics at college found to be impossible and difficult to wrap my mind around. this however did not spoil the game for me as I easily separated fiction from reality and continued to play. the opening concludes after a lot of (quick time events) a feature that is used constantly in this game but never to a point or style that it would discourage the player. It is at this point that the story begins to set it’s pacing. Asura is betrayed by his comrades and his daughter is taken from as he is Spartan kicked out of the Demigod’s giant space station to the planet below. At that point Asura angrily vows to get his revenge, hence the name “Asura’s wrath”.

Don't mess with this angry Demi god and his child

Don’t mess with this angry Demi god and his child

The controls for the most part of the game are simple and use the Xbox 360’s layout  perfectly (I’m sure the PS3 controls are similar). The game does not have need for much controls because of it’s unique format of; battle, execute burst attack, QTE, watch a cut scene and repeat. this can tend to get old as the game gets into it’s later parts but I stuck with it to the end if only to find out how the story concludes, and due to the short length in comparison to most other games this was not a big problem for me.  The game also seems to have some replay value by allowing players to try and beat their scores to unlock more art and even an alternate ending this is actually in the game and not DLC (thank you CyberConnect2).

Planet sized battles (check)

The Game also borrows it’s style heavily from anime, Featuring opening intro music and credits for every chapter. It even has those mid episode cuts with art of the characters and those beginning episode flashbacks of the previous episode. the music is also put to well use to capture the feeling that you are sitting at your pc or in front the tele watching your favorite anime, and at times you may forget this is a video game put down the controller and relax (most of the cut scenes are long), but don’t some of those QTE’s are most likely right around the corner. remember this is still a game, and you have to interact with the content.

This game defies the laws of physics and logic in more ways than I can count, but who cares. it looks awesome and my character looks good doing it. Playing the role of a cyborg Demigod Asura as he seeks his revenge and to reclaim his daughter is just a blast to experience. The game has been out for a while so the prices should be just right for a short story title like this. My recommendation go out and get yourself a copy and enjoy the story over a nice Sunday after eating curry like I did.

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