Every !so! often an experience

Have you ever spent the whole night awake, sleep deprived and hungry? Most gamers know about doing this but I’m not talk about staying up to play a game. My reason for being awake are different. I stayed up last night to finish a drawing for the BSP and ended up spending the night talking on Skype while listening to tunage from the years 2001 to 2005. A mixture of classic rock, alternative and R&B. As my pencil worked to sketched the faces on the paper in front of me the music calmed my soul. My conversation with my girlfriend on Skype led me to a strange thought, a thought of what if, what if there wasn’t this distance between us. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? If not the most I can say to help you understand it is, it’s a complicated thing. Though this kind of relationship can be rewarding in its own way as It allows for both parties to get to truly appreciate the other person for who they are and not for their physical aspects alone. A long distance relationship can also be hard, the lack of interaction between you and your significant other can be a tough thing for most. I am not like most people as I find spending quality time alone to be quite nice and I personally like to experience new things.

Life is an experience after all and if we don’t go after the things we want all we end up with at the end of the day is regrets. I for one want no regrets and I recommend the same to you. I will try my best with this relationship because I care dearly about her because I love her, that’s just who I am. When we talk I tell cynical jokes to make her laugh and to keep myself from thinking about the geological factors of our relationship. To those reading this have you ever loved someone? Most of you may say “yes” the rest may say “no I can’t say I have, I love myself”. Ok now that you have answered the question answer another what is love? …….take a second and think about it, when you have your answer try to answer the first question a second time. Just for your reference the meaning of the word love is: to have a strong emotional affection for someone or something. Loving someone doesn’t mean being in a relationship with them. It doesn’t mean liking the things they do. It doesn’t mean doing anything with or to them. Love is after all an emotion and nothing more. What you do with your emotions is up to totally you i.e. how you show your love. All of the people I love I have shown them my love and if the sentiments are not returned I end up show them nothing. I also choose not to show my love because of me dislike the things they do or have no interest in wasting time on fruitless trees. If I show you my love it means I think you are unique, different, worth my time. So when you answer the question of have you ever loved someone and if there is someone that you love and can find a lot of reasons for not being with that person without even showing your love for that person then you are not living the experience “life”. Live the experience!!!

The forth coming 
I don’t have any updates I am currently able to share about this section this !SO! often because of I am currently working on a lot of other projects that prevent me from focusing on video game development. This does not mean that we have stopped working on the game we were working on so stay tuned there will be news soon.


Music has an amazing effect on the individual listening to it. This is why I try to listen to good music as much as I can. I have written before that I believe music to be the key to one’s soul, and music can also be a representation on one’s emotions and thoughts. Studies have proven that music can have an effect on the brain and behavior of living organism especially during those adolescent years when the brain is still developing. For people like myself that have had a proper upbringing and already have our moral values set this factor can be overlooked somewhat. This however does not mean one should be listening to smut just because they were raised with good values.
I personally find myself attracted to Alternative music like Imagine Dragons – On top of the world and Radioactive, but that does not mean that hip-hop/Rap from those like Wretch 32 and B.o.B evade my interest in fact “Blur” by Wretch 32 is my current #1 according to lastfm. This is because I don’t like to be close minded about what kind of media allow myself to be exposed to. A fine example of good music that encourages an open mind is Lupe Fiasco. For those that have listened to Lupe, you will know that his music as deep in the kind of ways that get your mind thinking. He sings about positive thing and controversial topics that most others would not touch with a long stick. The interesting thing about him though is that he sings hip-hop/Rap. People tend to associate hip-hop and rap to hoods and negative stereotypes. This is why I encourage you to keep an open mind and listen to all genres just make sure what you are listening to does not pollute your consciousness.

As a Gamer I have played Injustice and the new tomb raider, neither clocking more than 2hr to the point that I think I have become a bit less hardcore border lining on being a casual gamer *bleh* (I mean no offence to casual gamers but I always like the idea of being hardcore in my gaming). A week ago I was playing a bit of tales of Vesperia and I got pretty far compared to where I was before. My team is on about level 32 and I think the mechanics are starting to become second nature as I dispose of enemies in seconds with little to no effort. I have also been playing a lot more on steam with titles like Castle Crasher with Shellz. I guess the simple kind of fun that does not require me to invest all my time and focus has captured my heart.
I will be hoping to get some more multiplayer gaming done with some of the BSF on our steam group. Ff you are not in the group I suggest joining and feel free to send me a friend request when you do.

Fifa 13 is also in my blood and I have been getting better with my created player on 81 atm and a win loss ratio in my favor. I am patiently wait to see what the next advancement of EA’s footy series has to offer later this year. EA has announced that they will be doing away with their season Pass system so maybe more gamers will start favoring them a bit more, not that it has been a problem for Fifa as the games have always been best sellers for EA. Personally I think their focus should be on getting rid their terrible way of implementing DRM (i.e Sims City). In a matter of fact doing away with DRM all together will get a lot of gamers happy and encourage good business for the company.

To close this section I’d like to add that Button Smashers has been doing giveaways of steam, origin and other platform codes I suggest giving the giveaway page visit if you are interesting in getting some free games, Netflix accounts and more.


Tele has been great with the addition of Netflix and Hulu to my list of streaming options. I have been watching Series after Series from a stuff like all 3 seasons of Arrested Development to my favorites like Doctor Who.
Arrested Development is a Netflix series now and all 3 seasons are up for Users to watch and I highly recommend watching all of them as season 4 approaches. The show is about a rich family that have been associated with fraud, but that is not what you will be paying attention to as you watch this crazy funny show. From cousin love to a gay brother in law that painted himself blue (let’s face facts we all know Tobias ain’t straight).

I’m also watching season 7 of Doctor Who I can’t help the feeling that I’m still waiting for Matt to WAW me like Tennant did. That is not to say he’s bad as he has his moments of pure genius like the Christmas Special: The Snowmen, but that is not a regular thing with this doctor. He more often than not leaves you wanting more in a bad way even after watching a whole episode. I find myself checking updates on my phone or tab while watching some episodes. A thing I never dared do with the 10 doctor. Here’s hoping the Finale this weekend makes up for all the average episodes because the doctor is anything but average.

Awkward is back and still as good. I’ve missed a few episodes but so I’ll have a good bit of episodes to watch when I get around to catching up. With Melissa & Joey and Baby daddy soon to start back on abc family summer line up I can see my summer is going to be quite interesting. Along with other series like attack of the titans and Game of thrones I’ll have a lot of catching up to do, but I’ll try my best to see how much I can get out of the way.

Here’s my other Current Favs:

  • Danny Phantom (netflix)
  • Physch (netflix)
  • Merlin (netflix)
  • Phineas and Ferb (cable)


this so often we shall be making a Dish I like to call Curried Macaroni Pie. This dish is not for the light of heart so if you know you do not have the stomach, grow a pair and let start cooking ………

· One large pack of Macaroni

· Some fine Curry powder (I like the special curry)

· One Egg

· A cup of milk

· A block of cheddar cheese

· Cooking butter

· Ketchup (optional)

Firstly we shall Pre-heat the oven to 350 deg F
next prepare the ingredients, grate the cheese with the largest grating part on your grater. Crack your egg in a boil and stir it. For those of you who are health conscious u can remove the yolk. While you are preparing you ingredients put the macaroni to boil in a pot. Do not let it boil to much as it may become a soggy about 7 to 10 minutes should be fine.
While you macaroni boils apply butter to your cooking dish so that the pie won’t get stick to it when cooking.
When the macaroni is finished put it in a large boil add the milk, add a table spoon of butter, add ¾ of the cheese then the eggs and lastly a tea spoon of curry (substitute as much curry as you want).
Mix the mixture till all the ingredients are completely mixed together. Add the mixture to the dish and sprinkle the remaining cheese on top. Add some spots of ketchup and put into the oven to cook till it is golden brown.

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