Praying For Oda to get well…..


As many of the regular readers may know I don’t usually cover anime/ manga in my articles. I mainly focus on video games and the BSP. This is not for a lack of wanting to write about those mediums but a matter of time and the fact that I don’t think my writing can do justice to some of the amazing series I have read/ watched over the years.

Anyway this article is not about me but about me it’s about One Piece Mangaka Eiichiro Oda. the 38 year old manga artist has been hospitalized with a Tonsil infection. The infection is not the just the average tonsillitis, but a uncommon type of tonsillitis called peritonsillar abscess. It has been announced by Shonen Jump that due to Oda’s condition One piece will be missing from volume 26 and 27 of the weekly jump magazine.


One Piece has been a long running series from since 1997 to the Present and counting. It is one of the most well known manga in the world and from my personal point of view the the best manga ever. Having sold over 260 million copies worldwide, One Piece is the highest-selling manga series. It was adapted into a successful anime series. The manga’s popularity resulted in him being named one of the manga artists that changed the history of manga.
Oda has been known to be a workaholic which usually leaves his fans worried……..

With One Piece out for two volumes manga day (every Wednesday when jump manga comes out) won’t be the same. As a fan I pray Oda makes a full recovery and then we can continue the adventure together.

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  1. […] Oda Back out of the hospital we got a chapter last week, but none this week. I would hope Oda is using this week to rest up so […]

  2. One Piece Wow. Hadn’t read this about Oda being sick. Sad News. Wow. Didn’t know about this. Sad. Oda’s brought a lot of happiness into the world; be nice to be able to give some of it back to him. One Piece is in a class by itself. Doesn’t matter where you start reading — it’s all good. An incredible achievement. Like your blog, and I’m jealous of the Nagato animated GIF. 🙂

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