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Last year when we started the Button Smashers Family (fb) (formerly the BSblog), we as manga fans decided to dub every Wednesday “Mangaday”. This was due to the Fact that most of us read Shonen Jump manga like Naruto and One Piece. For some time now we in the west have gotten these titles mainly on Wednesdays unless there is some delay or downtime for a chapter. The reading of the Jump manga each week has become somewhat of a ritual to some of us that sometimes the first thing I do on a Wednesday is check to see if the new chapters are up for my favorite series and Naruto. This tradition that the Button Smashers Facebook Family has created is something that I would like to share with all of our Family across other platforms.


As a fan of anime it was inevitable that I would eventually start reading manga as a way continue series that have been cancelled or put on hold with filler content as a way to allow for more source material to be created. The first manga I started I believe was Naruto because I was use to watching the show but after time I had caught up to the anime so I was watching week by week waiting patiently for the next episode that would take me 30 minutes to complete and then leave me craving for a week like a junky on crack. It was at that point that I remembered that a chick that I had a crush on at the time use to tell me about a Japanese style comic for the series that was ahead of the anime. I immediately visited my friend Kadan (I had not gotten net at the time) and acquired a few chapters. To my surprise I finished all with in a night so I visited him the next day and got all the chapters that were available at the time. It took me a few night to complete but after that I was hooked, I wanted more. I then leaped to my true love One Piece in the form of the original manga volumes and then to bleach. I started to crave the appeal of reading and catching up to series that would have taken me months to do had I watched the episodes. The manga was also uncensored which is to say that a lot of things don’t make it over to the anime that is in the manga, and the more I read the more I wanted. Manga had become my drug.

It was some time till I read my first ecchi manga due to lack of knowing they existed. The first of which was To LOVE-Ru which I acquired from another friend who had already download 70+ chapters. I caught up to in a few nights and moved on to another series called Ichigo 100% (oh those strawberry panties). By this point I was hooked on manga and my taste was moving away from the action mainstream stories of the average manga reader to that of the ecchi and romance. I tried to read some Hentai manga a few times because of my changing taste but I found that the stories were mostly shallow and filled with some strange male dominant protagonist that

subjectates a lot of women in some un-realistic manner. This strange new medium had now become my primary means of entertainment and I loved every moment of reading, and I still do.


My manga reading has reached a new high since I acquired my tab and phone and I can only see my passion for the medium growing at this point. I will continue to read and I invite you to join me as I embark on a quest to complete as many great manga series as I possibly can. I will be starting a new article series based on my manga reading to which I shall call “The curry lover’s Diary”.

if you read manga too share some of your taste with me below in the comments.  

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