2DS “now you have no excuse for not being in my Friend list”


Manufacture: Nintendo
Screens: 2 (not 3D capable)
3D: No
Compatibility: 3DS and DS Games
Storage: 4GB SD
Cameras: front – 1, Back – 2 (3D pictures capable)
Wireless: Wi-Fi, local Play
Audio: One speaker (mono), Head phone Jack
Release date: October 12th
Price: $129.99 USD

The 2DS was just announced by Nintendo today as the next handheld in their new line for this generation of Nintendo handhelds. The handheld will be capable of playing all 3DS and DS titles, and is basically a 3DS with out the 3D top screen. It is cheaper without the screen so as to attract more customers as an entry device and will be out on the same release date as Pokémon X and Y.

If you don’t have a 3Ds or a 3DS Xl now is best time to get one. Btw if you do feel free to ask for my friends code. Open-mouthed smile

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  1. I stand by what the Arpegians say and what I said on FB. It’s a good idea and all but the design is just meh. It looks more like a tablet-y thingy then an actual portable gaming system. What throws me off as well is the fact that you can’t close it. That’s something I liked about the DS & 3DS so much.

    Quotes from Arpegi Forums:

    “The biggest issue is that people react to it like if it’s meant for everybody while it’s actually meant for those who either don’t care about the 3D, have eyes that still are developing or want a cheaper version.

    So, yeah. ”

    “So essentially it’s the 3DS but without 3D and is -slightly- cheaper, but honestly not cheap enough for it to be worth buying over the 3DS. I’m sure the price will drop but so will the 3DS, especially if you get one preowned. Unless they give it something more, it’s pointless, just get a 3DS.”

    1. Neko send me the link to that post in the forum i must add my 2 cents

  2. I never have the 3D turned on so a 2D only 3DS sounds good to me, especially if it’s cheaper. Shame they didn’t stick to the folding design. It looks like it could be awkward to hold.

    1. You my friend are a wise person. I too do not play with the 3D on so this is a nice option for me if i want another 3DS.

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