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If you have been following this site for a while then you should have an Idea of what “Every !so! often” is. If you don’t know then a simple explanation is that it can be considered my personal diary that I share with you, The Buttonsmashers Family. I have been writing it long before we started this site, and tend to only update it when I have some extreme thoughts in my head that I require a medium to get them out. It’s basically a way for me to clear my head.

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A lot has happened since last I wrote an ESO, (yup I am trademarking that) and a lot is happening right now in my personal life. So because this is a long story, and I have a lot to get off my chest I will be doing this in two parts that will include a new podcast by the same name, for those of you who care about my beautiful voice. 😉


Once upon a time there was a Hero, and he was in a very bad mood after having ended things with his maiden at the time. She was the type of gal of the complicated sort. Easy on the eyes, but dangerous on the mind. She had, and still has communications issues, and when I say that I mean that she had a weird way of just vanishing from his life without warning, then when he did hear from her he got an elaborate story that only a villain could come up with. OK, maybe she’s not a villain, but she is bad news. So after our hero ended things with this maiden he vowed never to have his heart toyed with again. To ensure of that, he would not open his heart to anyone again. They, all the maidens of the land would pay for something one of their kind had done, and our hero would find comfort in his misdeeds. Sadly this is not the way heroes are, even if they try to be. Heroes are made of valour and kindness, and our hero was no different.

A few months had passed for our hero, and he was convinced that the next maiden to approach him seeking his favour would be his victim. So as faith would have it, along came a maiden who fit the heroes fancy. He had seen this maiden before in the land of Faces, in the woods of Book. He was a periodical visitor to this land, as he had some friends that lived in the area. One such visit to his friend the Pirate King resulted in this encounter. He had seen her, but she was yet to see him. From afar our hero found himself bedazzled by her beauty, but then his heart spoke, “No I will not allow it!”. Our hero snapped out of his daze and acted as if not to notice maiden for fear that this wonderful creature could be his next victim. That is what the hero thought but faith has mysterious ways of tangling the threads in ways we could never comprehend. Our maiden now, was not as perfect as she seemed from the hero’s point of view. The hero’s view of this person was that of a potential reader judging a book by its cover.

One faithful summer our hero decided to hold a party on a Friday, the freakiest Friday of the year, and he invited a few of his friends from the woods to join him instructing them to bring along a friend if they could. The Pirate King being close friends with the maiden invited her to the soirée and wow what an interesting night they all had. The hero had some time to pick the maiden’s mind and he found some qualities in her that he himself admired, but then his heart spoke again. “No, you will not hurt me again!”, and our hero left for home alone. He the hero had planned to hold the party as a regular event but not to be a regular part of it himself, but this maiden had him smitten even though he himself did not want to acknowledge the fact of how he felt.

So our hero held these parties every following Friday for maybe a month, and by this point he started to become wary from the over exposure to the maiden, who was slowly making her way into his subconscious. He needed a way out and so, he stopped attending the parties, but due to the popularity of the parties they continued without him. Not too long after he started settling back into the his usual rhythm he was contacted by none other than his maiden.

How was he to respond to this. He had not calculated this outcome. From his calculations the maiden should not even be interested in him. He had kept his distance unless required by the social conventions of the party. How could she? Why would she?
This must have been a mistake. Our hero carefully choose his words when responding to the maiden as to not encourage her, but she was a brave one and was not scared off by his brutish demeanour. For some reason she either saw through his mask or was not fazed by his unwillingness to talk to her.  She continued to contact our hero each time scraping away a little piece of his armor till all he had was his sword (harsh words). With no shield to defend himself he slowly started to become more and more in trance by her.

After too long his heart gave out one last plea “please spare me the pain, I honestly don’t think I am capable of putting myself back together another time”. This time the hero stubbornly ignored his heart and soon started to court the beautiful maiden as best he knew how. Now he had, had his share of sorrow in the past and had not wished to ever visit those emotions again. So he proceeded cautiously, making sure to allow the maiden to make the first move and to take the leaps of faith, while he himself took little steps.

Before long they became a couple, and what a couple they were. The best even. They spent almost every waking moment in each others embrace. and when they were not.


They sent constant letters to keep their connection strong and it worked for a while…



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  1. Great podcast episode and neat story. I was aware of the situation based on our conversations, but I am curious to know the full story, so I will be looking forward to tuning in for the next episode and artfully-written tale!

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