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Following my first two EVOs I was sure I was going to finish the series with a 3rd or 4th installment and that would be my closure. That is what i thought but as I have learned over the past year faith has a strange way of throwing a wrench in your plans, faith in this context being a girl I have never known or met that read and listened to the podcast and was affected by it in a way that I had not intended.


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As I have always said EVO is my way to get thoughts that are troubling me out of my head and in some cases feelings that may be hurting me out of my heart. These last two EVOs were no different as they were following a really bad breakup I have just gone through. I have and stand by the fact that what I write is the truth or at least the truth I was fed, so when I got a message yesterday that informed me that I had apparently hurt someone by my writing I was ready to cancel the series followed by a formal apology to you my family (regular readers) and this person that I had wronged without intention.

If you have been following the last two EVOs then you can follow after this point without worry, however if you have not I recommend going and give them a read or listening to the podcast attached to each, its only 15mins.




Ok now I guess I can start now. Anyone that knows me even just little knows that I’m always the first to admit I’m wrong and apologize, so I will like to start By say SORRY to the person that I was told I have wronged. I am deeply sorry if my writing has hurt you in form or fashion. My intention by writing is never to hurt others but to inspire, share, and educate those who read what i write. I have not lied or used any form of malicious intended words in my writing and anyone who truly read the last two would know that.

Anywho I got a message yesterday at 2pm that informed me that I was hurting others by writing the EVOs and that some of the information that I was privy to were untrue. granted none of that information has been written about so far and I’m not sure if and how i would write about it now due to recent events. This is a story that I thought was finished and would just be a recap, but sadly the story is happening as I type this.


Many of you may know the story of the boy who cried wolf, if you don’t, don’t worry I’ll give a little synopsis of what it’s about and the meaning behind it.

A lot of child hood stories have many variations and this one is no different so don’t worry if your version is a bit different from mine. the basics information should be the same. The story is about a shepherd boy that has been tasked with the job of watching over a flock of sheep. The boy becomes bored and decides to play a trick on the villages and so he runs in to town shouting that a wolf was attacking the flock.The villagers went running with pitch folks and all to the boys rescue only to find no wolf. He, the boy laughed at them and played the trick again on them a few times. Eventually a wolf did come but this time when he called for help he was ignored, why? because he had lied to them so much that it was hard for them to believe he was telling the truth.

The basic meaning of this story is not to lie, because at some point people will stop believing you.

So yesterday i was told some of what I knew was a lie and so I sort out to fix any wound that I had involuntarily caused by contacting the person that I was told I hurt. I half expected to be ignored if as I was told I was the cause of another’s pain, but it was not as I expected. The contact was surprisingly friendly and courteous towards me and even expressed some gratitude for me writing my story. I could tell that our conversation was going to be a long one so i made myself comfy and relayed all the information about the story and the information that I was told was a lie, that had yet to be written about. I shared the messages I had received and sent, with this person to clear up any misunderstanding if their was any and also received some information that I had no prior knowledge about.

Before our conversation I was prepared to delete the two EVOs and end the series but now I’m not so sure if that is the best move. For you see other than the fact that my thoughts still hunt me. there is also the fact that many have started reading them and as I’ve been told are eagerly awaiting the 3rd installment. So the continuation of this story rests in the hands of one person and that person is the one I’ve been told I’ve wronged. If I get the OK you will have a 3rd part to the story if not I do apologize and hope you continue to read my other content.

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