Manga Day: One Piece 734


language: English
Scanlators: Mangapanda
Mangaka: Eiichiro Oda
Serialization: Shounen Jump
Type: Series, Manga
Genre: Action Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power

I’m back to writing manga day updates and by god it feels good. I’ve really missed reading a chapter and then pouring my thoughts out in text format. This being Mangaday (Wednesday) I would normally write about all the manga I read on a weekly bases, which would include Naruto and maybe some ecchi series like Nozoki ana, but alas Nozoki ana is complete and I think Chihu does a better job of reviewing Naruto chapters than me. So as of today I shall be sticking to One Piece chapters and on some occasions I will review other manga that catch my fancy.


AHH One Piece How I have missed you so. Two weeks have passed without so much as spoiler (PS i don’t read OP spoilers TABOO) and my body was starting to go through the stages of addiction. The craving was growing and………. oh ok enough of my nonsense, all we care about is the manga, right.

With The straw hat crew all accounted for we started at the coliseum where every thing had gone from hell to shit storm. As the smoke cleared all that was left was Rebecca, who some how was able to avoid all of Hakuba’s (Cavedish’s split personality) attacks as he mowed down all the other competitions, putting her into the finals with a booing AHole crowd jeering her out.


As for Sabo he seemed to see it all and is at a seemingly higher level than any of who were in the arena, and I wouldn’t doubt that he could be at the same level as most of luffy’s crew or higher. I did see Bartolomeo hanging with him as he observed the end of Block D’s match. I can’t help but think Barty may join his crew instead of the strawhats for a a few reasons. One he’s Luffy’s brother and Bart seemed to respect Ace when mentioning him around Luffy when he finds out Sabo is Straw boys brother he may go all fan boy over him too. Reason two I don’t see see Luffy asking him to join from the offset like he has done with most of his crew. Then again this arc is no where near it’s closing point.
Ok i lied I could only think of two. Smile with tongue out

P.S. this new Keyboard I’m using to type with sucks ass.


That bastard Doflamingo is being a cocky fool after capturing Law but his cockiness is going to be is downfall if you ask me. With Usopp and the rest in position already and The 2 swordsmen with Luffy on there way in the palace, I don’t see this ending in his favour, but then again this is Oda. all my speculation is mute because as past speculations have thought me, you can’t guess what’s gonna happen next in One Piece.

to be continued

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1 Comment

  1. Nice review. A little short in comparison to mine but I end up writing everything that happens and everything that goes through my head.
    Interesting thought on Bartolomeo joining Sabo. It could be possible.

    I’m confused about the final match. Is it four against four? Like Doflamingo Family against the Block winners or is it going to be one against one for each Block winner? Or All 8 in a battle royale? Or All four winners up against one another first and then the winner takes on the Doflamingo Family?

    1. I tend to write short OP reviews as I fear spoiling too much for any fan that may have not read the chapter before checking my review.
      Plus by leaving out some it allows for the start of greats conversations like this one.

      About the final round I think it will be a battle royal, or at the very least it should be. That way everyone gets to go wild and then there is the uncertainty that having multiple people with vastly different abilities, fighting styles and psychological minds. I’m most excited to see Sabo in action.

      1. I can’t wait to find out more. I try to post my reviews as soon as but I do end up taking my time. Did get it up eventually but took a whole lot of writing fast.

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