Manga day: One Piece 735


language: English
Scanlators: Mangapanda
Mangaka: Eiichiro Oda
Serialization: Shounen Jump
Type: Series, Manga
Genre: Action Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power

Today is Thursday Monday and so it’s not officially Manga Day, but due to certain circumstances I was unable to upload this update sooner.
So hi and hope your Manga Day went well yesterday I know mine was splendid thanks to One Piece being as good as it always is. This weeks chapter didn’t surprise me much and it didn’t have much that I can say is SUUUPERRR! What it was, was subtle and to the point hyping up interest for the next few chapters to follow it kinda like a conjunction or calm before the storm.

The Chapter starts with a big point after the last fight as people are being rushed out of the coliseum “to be treated”. Most are badly injured and one sleeping. lol this is why OP is so much fun. It’s the simple way they fit a panel in with a sleeping man, (snoring his ass off by the way) in with a scene of bloody men being rushed out of the ring. Sabo seems comfortable and unphased by any of what is going on around him as he walks towards the ring with Bartolomeo at his side. It is immediately possible for Rebecca to tell he’s not Luffy as she gets close to him. I like the way he apologizes to her before the match. I’m getting me so excited to see how powerful he actually is. I’m assuming he has some amazing Haki and fighting ability to be that confident.


This chapter also reassures me that Bartolomeo may join Sabo’s crew instead of Luffy’s. The way he has become protective over him after seeing how much Luffy favours him is just adorable (cute). Sabo mentioning their homeland also adds a bit of intrigue about the island they (He, Ace and Luffy) grew up on and It would be nice to have another flash back based on their past, maybe one from Sabo’s point of view. Oda has been known to place a flash backs in before a big fight to help us, the readers understand and feel the emotions of the characters. It’s the reason we cried when a ship died (was destroyed). As he stretched like his brother and entered the ring I couldn’t help but smile I’m so SUUUPERRR! excited to see what he does in the ring.

maxresdefault (5)

Viola is proving quite helpful to Luffy, Zoro and Samurai. She has already found them a way into the Palace. However as expected the Straw hats Jump the gun and seem to think they have a handle on the lift they don’t have to use to get up to the top of the palace. There are stairs which none of them notice or seem to care to notice (idiots). Zoro comes up with a plan that Luffy is only too happy to follow (I’m shaking my head at this point) Eye rolling smile. If I am at all lucky at guessing the out come of this situation then they will run into someone as soon as they arrive at the top and things will get extremely crazy. Thankfully the top two straw hats are the ones there and that means they may end up fighting Mingo & Fujitora, and Luffy will get to pay back his dept to Law for saving him 10 years ago.

Fanky is handling his end of things at the Toy House, but honestly I’m the least interested in what is going on there. Sorry man baby but you are a lame antagonist for now, I say for now because I thought the same about Bonclay at first and now Bonchan is one of my favourite OP characters. So I’ll give this fight some time for some more investing points can be thrown in so that I care about the outcome. At the moment all that I can see is some kind of joined attack on the marines or Franky being captured to fight another time.


With the marines on the move It means Fujitora’s real objectives for being there are finally starting to see some light. He wants to get rid of the Shichibukai and I don’t mind the idea one bit. A move like that would Shake up things and allow for some interesting alliances and battles. Picturing the Admirals VS the 7 Shichibukai would be amazing, oh wait 6 one is indisposed (sorry Law). This is all my fantasy of course, because you know they will never team up at least not all of them in one place. They all have too much big egos for that kind of situation to play out well. Fujitora however needs Mingo right now as much as he needs him so at the moment they are playing nice to even things out between them and the Straw hats.


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  1. Sadly part of the concept of the Warlords is that they never work together. Also, none of them really have the motives, though yeah I get that it’d be darn awesome.

    I’m more interested in what happened at the end of the latest chapter in the palace though.

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