Manga day: one piece 738 Review

language: English
Scanlators: Mangapanda
Mangaka: Eiichiro Oda
Serialization: Shounen Jump
Type: Series, Manga
Genre: Action Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power

Sweet giblets I’m actually writing a manga day update on the actual day itself. I’m impressed. You know me normally late with my updates and behind the rest, but today i happen to be at home and fully free to read and write about the manga that I’ve read for the day so far. So far that’s One Piece and Naruto (which the thinker has already reviewed).

Ok giblets aside, how was today’s chapter of OP? well in short t was subtle but all the more important. Trevor for one is a bloody monster by far my favorite character this chapter. The dudes power level seems to be as high as Shichibukai. He’s surprisingly fast though his initial appearance lead me to think he was more of a tank style character, but boy was I wrong. The way he way he moved from the Robin clone to the Pirate ship and back blew my mind. Oh and about that clone robin kinda took a page out of Naruto’s book. If she is able to duplicate herself on a scale as he does she will be able to do quite some damage and maybe even be the character to go one on one with Trevor, though i kinda doubt that. Oda has often saved characters of that level for the top 3 Straws hats in the past and I don’t think that trend will change in this arc. Trevor has amazing Power and aim as he was able to shoot a fly between the eyes and also lift an entire ship and smash it into the building where Sugar is currently residing effortlessly.

Robin clone

Robin has also shown that she is still as observant as ever by the way she spots his power and skill and immediately hatches a proper plan to attack sugar by leading Trevor away under false pretense to confront the Pirate crew of Captain IBS. Usopp being a punk as usual (that bloke will never change smh….sigh) sits back and leaves the Tonatatta rush Sugar. I would like to say it was a good idea to let them be the ones to test her power but we all know that he only hung back out of pure cowardness. He should be on a better power level to at least take out that little girl from a distance but instead he hangs back in the shadows worrying about if he’ll be killed (pathetic). The Tonatattas didn’t really stand a chance against Sugar as she quickly turned their comrades against them, and with her abilities active they can’t even remember they existed and now Tonatatta fights each other giving her enough time to call Trevor back. The only way for this plan to become a success as far as I see Robin will have to hold back Trevor while Usopp gets some stones and takes out Sugar. If they can’t manage that then this mission is as good as over.



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  1. I think his name is Trebol actually. Unless the scanlations just differ. I love his character a lot, to be honest. Then again, the Donquixote family has a whole lot of eccentric characters.

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