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Subject: “my lord the enemy approaches, they stand on the horizon”

King: “tis not a day for war but if I must I will. Send peter with a message to their king. Tell him we have no qualms with his people”

At the same time a messenger was sent out of the black camp with a message for the king. Before the messenger could arrive however the king sent out one of his tower guards to look over peter as he marched on the opposing camp. Ironically the other king had the same idea and so a tower guard dressed all in black protected their messenger of whose name we did not yet know, but I will assume it was Paul, he looked like a Paul. Peter was soon confronted by another messenger of the enemy camp and so the king sent out Rodrick, Hetburn and Omarioun (yes Omarioun, what a messenger can’t be called that? Who do you think you are judging him?). It was at this moment that a knight of the opposing camp started to match on Peter. Peter was too timid to run and he felt a bit safe with the tower guard with him so he stood his ground and kept asking the opposing messenger to stand aside for he had an urgent message for their king. The knight moved on the king’s camp so Edward was sent to greet him with blades in hand. Seeing that he was out numbered the knight retreated, but it was too late the king had a long range attacker take him out where he stood. At this point the tower guard dressed in black that was guarding who we assume is “Paul” left his post to threaten the long range attacker.  The attacker retreated after his attack. The King happy with the swift response time of his men ordered the long range attacker who we shall call Leoheart to attack another messenger that had left the enemy camp. It was at this point that the King had lost the battle.

Adapted from a true story of a game of chess between myself and the person this ESO is dedicated to.


As of this article Buttonsmashersblog.com is the ranked 890,395 website in the world, according to Alexa. This is great news for me and the rest of the Buttonsmashers Family. It means that more of our content is reaching more viewers, listeners, and readers. It also means that more of you our family are being active on the site, by leaving comments, likes and sharing our content. It is things like this that make me as a content creator want to write more. It inspires me and makes me feel that what I put out there is being appreciated by others who are interested in the same things as I. I have not discussed these new statistics with much of the BSB editors yet but I know they all feel the same way about their content and the support that we are currently receiving.


Thank You to all of the Buttonsmashers Family for your support and to every one of the BSB editors for the great content that they share with us all.

Ok so stats are not the only update that I have to mention in this ESO, there is more. Buttonsmashers Blog will be starting collaboration with another site that I am personally a big fan of called What’s Your Tag? What’s Your Tag? is a site similar to ours in more ways than most. I have been following them for a while and was meaning to contact them about a partnership between our two sites as we cover similar content but always got side tracked by other aspects of daily life and such. With all the daily life stuff and such aside I was able to reach one of their editors and discuss the partnership. He agreed and so we will soon be featuring each other’s content, cross podcasting and more. So with that I’ll like to recommend you check out their site after reading the rest of ESO. Also BSB will be forming more connections between us and other sites that we find will be a good fit to our family, PS I have a list.


The tunage section of ESO will be a bit small today because I’m writing this ESO before schedule and so I don’t have a finished Playlist ready to share. I am still listening to great music and a lot of classics lately thanks to a certain Space Princess. 😉
My musical taste is not as all over the place as the last time though as I find myself sticking to a lot of familiar love song. Thus I can safely say that I’m totally back to my regular mind set without any kind of wavering feelings or doubts. I’m just a regular Q that a treasure chest that is locked the key to that chest is the music speaks to my soul. At the moment that happens to be Ingrid Michaelson, Lupe Fiasco, Plain White T’s and Carly Simon – You’re So Vain.

listening to Ingrid Michaelson  as I write

listening to Ingrid Michaelson as I write.


Next is also premature to be updated so I will just direct you to my current gaming article; The Price of admission: FIFA 14 Review

FIFA 14 Gameplay

Some of my FIFA 14 Game play that didn’t make the article.

I am currently working on another tool Kit article called the: The modern Gamer’s Tool Kit. I will also be trying my hands at video content again so you can expect a video called the PC gamers Tool Kit with an accompanying article soon.


Lol I’m so not ready for an ESO update that this section is also premature (begin laughter followed by pointing now). I’ve had not much tele time as I’ve not been watching much, even less than usual. Oh and if you have me on Facebook note that my most recent Netflix updates are not accurate as a friend was using my profile it auto shared to my profile.

So as I’m not up to much to fill this section I will just leave you with a few screens of what i plan to watch next for now.

My Netflix watch list

My Netflix watch list

The Belly  

All have to eat for the day so far is a muffin so I’ll just share a pick of Saturday night’s dinner. Oh and don’t worry I’ll grab a bit in a bit I’ve just been in writing mode and forgot about my stomach.

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