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It’s amazing how some of us don’t notice just how big and empty space is or how small we really are in the whole of existence.

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The Story

His ship, a ship he had grown accustomed to having a crew of 2 was now a solo affair. At first the astronaut was not sure how he was going to survive without the companionship of another. As you may well know they say being alone in the nothingness can lead to insanity and he believed he was close to that point so he being the kind of fellow that likes to take control of his own faith decided he needed to find someone to distract him from his faith. It sounds cruel to say “distract” but all he wanted was someone that could keep him out of his head during the moments that the depression hit. It was like a wave in the ocean. It would come when he least expected and shake up his ship. How was he supposed to avoid the waves without a navigator to spot them before they hit?


It’s lonely in the void

“Buzz”, what is that sound? He thought. It was the intercom. It was mission control with instructions. He had become accustomed to these periodical updates but now more so than ever they were important, not just to the mission but also to his sanity. After the bit of communication he returned to his regular set of daily experiments. For weeks this continued along with no sign of change. He had lost all hope of meeting more of his kind only to aimlessly wonder the universe as solo act. “Buzz”, “a communication today, but why?’ this was an unscheduled occurrence. You see mission control only messages after every 7 light years. This communication was only after 2 light years. He, the astronaut was not sure what they wanted in the middle of the schedule, but he was happy to have the little semblance company that is offered when they do contact him. So he rushed over to the console, but to his surprise this was not a communication from mission control. It was a communication from an unidentified source, maybe space pirates? He had had encounters with them in the past. Using his training he quickly deciphered the origin of the communication. It was not pirates as he had thought but rather from a royal class ship. Why was royalty contacting him? He was not the type that had contact with their kind before so it was out of place to him. Allowing his curiosity to dominate his decisions he responded to the communications. It turned out the ship’s Princess was seeking new friends. Their ships were separated by much of the great void however that did not matter as the two quickly became friends. She was a delicate creature but better with a weapon than her demeanour let on. She was way more competent than our spaceman in a lot of ways. He found himself intrigued by her, by the things she said, the things she did. They spoke about numerous topics via their respective ships digital coms and eventually the princess found herself navigating the astronaut’s data files. It was at this point that he became quite nervous as it is not everyday royalty reads the data files of a common spaceman. This was both an honour and a curse he thought. In one hand he was happy that she took the time to research him but in the other he remained afraid that some of his past present in one of his data entries may be too sensitive for such a delicate creature. She eventually proved him wrong as none of his data seemed to phase her. She in fact seemed to enjoy his updates about his past adventures even taking the time to mention her admiration of mission control how had helped keep him sane while he wondered the void alone. The friends continue to enjoy each other’s company but what happens next is for another story……………



From Manga to Video Game is the new series I will be focusing my writing on. It will be the basis for a few of my new articles and will be a way for me to stretch my limbs as a writer. If you are a regular reader of the BSB you will notice that even though I am more active than I have been over the closing half of last year I am still not putting out nearly as much articles as I use to when we first started the BSB in 2012. I keep telling others the reason that I’ve not been writing as much is because I have not been completing as much games and that my focus is mostly on manga these days, which in fact is primarily true, but it is not the only reason that I have not been publishing as much as I use too. Notice the use of the word Publish. I say publish because I write almost every other day. The sad fact however is that I either leave most of my writing incomplete or never publish it because of my weird form of quality control that I impose on the content I create. With numerous articles, videos and podcast raw data on my PC it should be a synch to take a few and publish them on the site, but when what I have does not match the vision I have in mind there is very limited possibility of me sharing it with others.

This week I have started to use my laptop to maximize the amount of articles that I write so that I will have a larger pool to pull from when I am looking for content to publish on the site. The first of these articles was inspired by my bro Neko who recommended as I am reading a lot more manga than the mount of games I play that I should write an article about what manga would make great video games. At first I thought of doing a top 10 style list, however as I sat down on the loo to write I realized that I wanted to turn it into a series and focus on each manga separately. In this break down series I will write about manga that have not been made into games yet. If a character from that manga has made an appearance in a game for example the Jump ultimate series but that manga has not received a proper game then I still count it as that manga not having a game. I think almost all manga can be converted into excellent video games just as long as the developers remain close to the source material and develop it in a genre that suits the game in question. Look forward to the first “From Manga to Video Game” in the next 24 hours of this ESO being published.


My musical taste is currently a bit unstable. I say unstable not meaning that the music I listen to at the moment is bad or anything like that, but that they are a mixture of directly clashing themes/genres. If you have been following ESO for a while you will know that I do listen to many different genres but the songs I choose always tend to have a similar theme to them, so if I am depressed most of the songs tend to be a bit of that nature. This is not the case with my current playlist (something like me).  It is a mixture of different clashing themes and that is why I say it is unstable. Take a look for yourself at the attached image or scroll to the bottom of this article to check my last.fm. As you can see I am bouncing between genres and themes like no bodies business lol. I think my mind is restless and that is the reason I currently have such mixed taste. Just take a look at my playlist yourself:-

Something like me

Something like me


Next is a going to be a bit dated compared to the other sections due to my lack of playing time. I’m sure you all don’t want to read about me playing Fifa and getting new players for my ultimate team or the fact that my profiled is glitched and EA won’t let me log in to the web app, no you don’t want to read about that. So what has good old Q been playing? Well I got onto the Titanfall beta and played a few nights of it with Don and it was super fun. At first I thought I was going to get it day one after playing the beta but then logic sunk in and I realized that me being me I would not have the time or urge to play it after the purchase. This is not to say that Titanfall is not a great game, in fact it is an amazing game and i think its actually the best FPS I’ve played, (not counting Halo) however it is a game that is purely for those that will be willing to invest the time in practicing their skills and getting better at it. I played BF3 the other night and reconfirmed that I’m probably the worst FPS player ever and i’m fine with that. FPS has never been my preferred genre and I don’t think that will ever change.

awww Fidget you so cute :3


I’ve Started playing Dust on Steam and it is just as amazing a game as i thought it would be. The games art is some of the most beautiful you will ever see in a 2D game, the plot is well paced and the controls are spot on. At this point this where I would say what is bad about the game but to be honest i have no qualms with this title at all. In fact i have more great things to say about it because the best part of this game is it’s characters and their talented voice actors. The characters in the game remind me of classic cartoon characters from my childhood. Every character is well voiced and animated my favorite being fidget (aww she’s just so cute the way she tries to hide her fear). Dust is a game that I would recommend to anyone no matter your age or preferred genre, it is that good.


I’m not watching much of any particular series on tele currently. I watch the occasional episode of red dwarf on netflix and the usual romantic comedy but most of my time is spent reading manga these days so I will cut this section of ESO and use it as a medium to showcase the manga I’m reading.
Lazily copied and pasted from MAL

The students of class 3-E have a mission: kill their teacher before graduation. He has already destroyed the moon, and has promised to destroy the Earth if he cannot be killed within a year. But how can this class of misfits kill a tentacled monster, capable of reaching Mach 20 speed, who may be the best teacher any of them have ever had?
I’ve written about this manga in the last manga day article I published. It has become such a primary manga in my weekly reads that I actually spent a full 9 hours reading it and earned an achievement in Manga Watcher.

Achievement unlocked


And for the belly I have tonight’s dinner of dumplings, salt fish and green figs. (island food)

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