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One Piece 750


It’s been about 2 weeks of now One Piece while Eiichiro Oda, creator of what is probably the best manga ever created has been recovering from a tonsil operation. As a huge fan I’d like to welcome Oda-san back. Today’s chapter was bit slow in the development side of things, and maybe that has to do with the bad translation that I was reading, however it all came together in the end and I may just re-read it later today from a better translation.

So what was this week’s OP about? It continues from the previous chapter with Luffy and companions getting past Peca and making their way ever so closer to the palace, and that immanent fight between Luffy and Doflamingo, a fight I believe he shall not fight alone, but in fact as a part of a duo between him and Law. As a chapter following a break from the manga it seeks to catch the reader up as to the location and activity of each of the major characters. I do wish the time spent on the king was less though. I mean he just got his ass saved by pirates and yet he’s still questioning the trust his daughter puts in them? (What an arsehole).

King riku

As for the rest of the characters I was a bit confused for the most part of it about each character’s position on the map, mainly because I couldn’t tell why Fujitora and his marine army had not stopped the coliseum army. He’s a bloody Admiral and they’re basically all second rate pirates. It should be a no-brainer that he’s stop them all then just move on to the straws, but no the bastard was just planted in that spot and that alone had me second guessing and re-reading the pages to make sure this was all right and not a translation blunder. I’m happy to say it was not that the moment that I saw that it was in fact Sabo that hindered him and his men from advancing, in a rather casual looking manner might I add, I was over joyed. It’s the moments like these that make One Piece that amazing, splendid, amazingly splendid read that it is.

What else I read today: 

  • Bleach 585: I’ve skipped most of the chapters after the Fullbringer arc so I’m lost as to what some of this chapter refers too. It was a bit exciting to see everyone all bad arse protecting Ichigo. Then I remembered it was bleach I was reading and didn’t care as much. :p
  • Naruto 681: Oh and yes Naruto had to be the one to break away and save Sasuke. OK fine i did actually enjoy this chapter. its explained some things about the origin on Kaguya that I was curious about while also pointing out that the Uchiha were all puppets (BURN).
  • Minamoto-kun 128: Can I just say is that this is a manga for the purely carnal mind. It has become a shagfest that is less about a story and more about conquest of Terumi over many women that his aunt send his way. With the current girl, Semi-san, she’s actual suppose to be in a relationship with another bloke, but that is is not stopping her from exploring  shag with the Terumi. At this point I’m just wondering, “what is with these super attractive girl that is not getting any action/ attention from her supposed boyfriend?”

Minamoto-kun 128

So with One Piece chapter 750 ending on an amazing high moment I just can’t wait to read what happens next for the straws….. I know I’ve left out details in this chapter, like Franky and Zoro, so tell me what you though of their endeavours and how your other manga was read so far today. Leave it in the comments section below and remember have a wonderful Manga Day.

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