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While actual gaming and gaming-related topics have been what I’ve been focusing on lately, it’s interesting to do something slightly different for a change. So, today’s little write-up will actually be about a small piece of tech I received in the mail here recently that goes by the name Nomad. As the name might lead you to believe, it is something portable and versatile, but what exactly is Nomad?

The Nomad product line, which launched officially on June 20, is a series of small, portable, easy to use USB charge devices that will work with most any smart device. These come in the shapes of a “key,” a “card,” and even a “carabiner,” all devices that can fit on a key-chain, in your pocket, or even in your wallet, and yet fold out as you wish and serve as a quick way to charge most any device if you have a USB port available.

Really, this is a very interesting concept and seems quite useful, but to me there is one inherent flaw that should be taken into consideration: You may not always have a USB port available to use! True, most modern cars come with a USB port and many people these days may have a laptop with them or a work computer nearby, and so this would work for them. But, insofar as charging on the go with no USB port around? I guess you are out of luck! Still, it is a handy device that takes up no space, and if your smart-phone is dying at the office and you don’t have an extra charger around, or maybe you are at a friend’s place and they don’t have a matching charger, charging your device will be quick and easy!

It’s pretty cool, if you ask me. From my experience with it, I think it’s useful, though I find the asking price (around $39.99 USD) to be a little steep perhaps for the average target consumer.


Functional, portable, and chic, though a bit pricey with a few usage limits.



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