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How can he expect things to stay the same after moving out into the country form the city? In the city his life was mainly on auto pilot, not requiring much input from him other than on a basic level of execution of tasks. He now had a different role to play. As a farmer he’d have to get up a lot earlier than he thoughts was physically possible. He’d have to work more hours to make sure that his crops were well tended to so that he could have the luxuries of food later. This was not something that a city born and raised businessman was accustomed to. He was much more adapted to the life in a board room, not borrowing away in the dirt for turnips.  

This was a decision made that was not going to be changed because of a few discomforts, or inadequacies on his part. He was going to live this life and that was that. His first week was simple at best, but if you’ve ever done any manual labour or worked out you’d know that the pain always comes sometime after the work is all done. This pain came in the second week; however he had anticipated this outcome and factored in for that. It was only after his 3rd week that it finally knocked home how hard this life was going to be for him. No access to tele, groceries, and all those other wonders of the modern life were long gone. Heck he was not going to be able to sell any of these crops; he didn’t plan too, so there was also no money.

How was he to live this life? He had no idea, but one thing was certain. He was going to stick this ride through to the end no matter the complications.


Due to me starting school again to do another degree I’ll not be as active as I’d like to be on the site. Yeah I know I don’t write as much as some of my fellow editors, but what this means is me not being able to manage the site in the background as I usually would. This however does not mean the same thing that happened last September will happen as I have already made plans to have someone cover some of my roles on the site starting November and next year there will be another person helping with that as well, so rest assured that the site will continue to grow at a steady pace.

BSB Store

We have also just added a “Merch” section to the site. It currently features some wonderful T-shirt and Hoodie designs so go grab you something nice and show the world that Buttonsmashers love 😉  We will have more designs soon and some (free) limited designs that will be announced at a later date via all of our podcasts (BSP, TLOP, GGP) so listen to all so that you don’t miss your chance snag something cool.


Music is an important part of my life and it’s very much a part of my days now that I have to spend them at school. Sometimes it’s useful in the labs while I’m writing code and need to focus or other times when I’m just passing the time playing my 3DS between classes.


Take a look at the full playlist :D

Take a look at the full playlist 😀


Playing Smash all day every day…. THE END.

Smash 3DS

Lol just kidding, I’m also playing some other stuff like sleeping dogs, for the second time. I wish I was playing more so that I could write about it, but sadly being a full time student doesn’t allow for that luxury. I was hoping to get about 2 more games for my 3DS that I could play on the ride to class, but due to school being a vampire that eats all my funds I’m out of luck with that.


A to Z (loving this show so much

A to Z (loving this show so much)

The great thing about this section it that I can be brief with it, and right not I need to be I’m actually supposed to be out of the house at this point :p but you know me, I’ve gotta spend that family time and tell you guys that I’m watching that new romantic TV comedy called A to Z on Hulu and Blackish also on Hulu… it’s been almost a month since I’ve watched something on Netflix due to the Awesomes, and a few others Hulu Originals that I’ve been getting caught up on. Oh and I watched one episode of sword art 2 on Hulu Yeah me. 😀

The Belly

This morning’s breakfast of a curried egg manwitch (Sandwich + manliness).

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