30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE! (DAY 13): Anime Character You’re Most Similar To


DAY 13:  Anime Character You’re Most Similar To

To be honest, I’m more of a mix-match of characters from many different anime.  As far as I know, because I am such a unique human being, there isn’t ONE anime character that best defines me.

However, be that as it may, I can point out the anime character that I relate to the most and apply Occam’s razor to most of the prospective similar characters.

In Layman’s terms, I can single out one character that I can relate to the most by looking at my similarities with the characters, and whoever has the most matches would be the one relevant to this article.


And so, after 34 hours of intense deliberation, after which I went into a hallucinogenic state due to the lack of sleep, I have singled out the anime character that is most similar to me.








And that person is…………………………..











Makoto Itou, from School Days

I mean, just look at the guy:  he gets all the bitches, just like yours truly.




Ok ok, I kid.  Since we’re applying Occam’s razor, I can’t choose Makoto just because he’s smooth with the ladies just like me (although I’m not as big of a **** as he is, to be fair).

Why, in this situation, Makoto would probably be subjected to Newton’s Flaming Laser Sword.



What, you guys haven’t heard of Newton’s Flaming Laser Sword?




Go search it up, it’s an actual experimental principle.







I digress.

Moving on.  Let’s try this again.


Hotarou Oreki,  from Hyouka

“I don’t do anything I don’t have to. What I have to do, I do it quickly.”

Wise words by Oreki.

That quote is essentially what I live by.

Sooooo you may be wondering how I’m related to this guy in terms of characteristics.





If you aren’t then……..why are you here?





If you are, then I’ll explain to the best of my profound abilities.

Like me, Oreki is just your typical student.  Well, kinda typical, I guess.

Typical in the sense that he’s an average guy with no particular interests or motives in school and in life in general.  He is very passive (rarely doing things concerning much effort), calm, and collected generally.  He reads a lot, usually manga, although his familiarity with classic literature, such as novels and stories by Agatha Christie and Stephen King, suggests his fondness for other kinds of books.  He takes naps at a regular schedule and prefers to be alone.  He also almost never shouts or gets angry, although he can be irritable at times, especially when his plans do not go accordingly.

His most discernible quality is his idea of “energy-preservation”, that is he won’t do a specific task unless he really has to and rarely exerts much effort when doing things; ergo, he comes off to most people as lazy and timid.  However, when need be, Oreki is capable of performing well above people’s expectations when he sets his mind into something, evident in the multiple cases and dilemmas he’s requested to solve at school.  He also has a tendency to exert more effort from time to time, given enough merits to do so.

Finally, his take on social interactions mirror mine the most:  he is not against the idea of having companions.  However, most of the time, unless needed to, he won’t take the effort to MAKE friends himself.

I’ve done the calculations, and I would say there is only a 23% discrepancy between our personalities, soooo you can’t go wrong with that data.

Yep, I would say that I share a lot of values with him.  Maybe not to the same extent as some of his features, but certainly a lot of them.


Now, I’m curious (see what I did there?):  which anime character do you relate yourself to?  Please comment on it down beloooooow.

Now, go research about Newton’s Flaming Laser Sword.  It has NOTHING to do with anime, but go do so anyways.

See you guys in Day 14!

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  1. One of my friends said I resemble Master Roshi because I am bald and a pervert.

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