Tech Review | WaterField Designs: The Case for Luxury

We’ve all seen them on the bus, in the mall, maybe at school. Pulled out of a jacket pocket, or more likely a backpack, their cheap plastic or pleather decorated with Mario or Yoshi. Brightly colored, usually bulky, fastened with velcro or maybe a zipper. Sure, these Gamestop and Target 3DS cases get the job done, but don’t you feel silly carrying around one of these as an adult? Of course, you want to protect your expensive gaming system, but why can’t you carry it in style like other devices like laptops, cameras, or tablets?

Thanks to Waterfield Designs, there is a way for you to carry your 3DS safely, while not having to feel self conscious about pulling out your Princess Peach case on a lunch break. Located in San Fransisco, Waterfield Designs uses a personalized production process that cuts out clutter, focussing on simple design and producing small batches to ensure quality.

Waterfield Designs’ 3DS case is made with top grade materials like sturdy ballistic nylon and premium full grain leather. It features more expensive self-locking zippers that don’t break easily, strong rivet buttons, and heavy stitching. My 3DS fits very snugly in the velvet lined pouch, so snugly that I’m grateful for the fabric loop at the bottom to pull against to bring it out of the case. The two rivets on the front seal with a very satisfying snap, this case isn’t opening by accident, ever. A small zippered pouch in the rear holds my earphones and USB charging cable, and a leather strip inside the case securely holds 3 game cartridges. I love the rich leather front panel, the more it is bumped and scuffed in my backpack the more weathered and antique it appears. The Waterfield 3DS XL case is available in 5 colors, Grizzly is the color that I chose. I’m very happy with my Waterfield 3DS case, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to carry their 3DS in style and safety.


Tim Bledsoe

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