10 awesome piano Original Sound Tracks (OST) in anime


Music is a big part of my life whether it was listening on public transit, dancing at a drop-in center (I’m a b-boy if you didn’t know), or playing the piano or flute in high school. This is NOT a top ten list, just songs that I wouldn’t mind listening to because they’re that good. There are OSTs out that are absolutely magnificent, but only while your watch the anime or playing the game; they’re just perfectly made for that scene. These songs while sticking to the mood, are great to listen to on their own. Even if the piano isn’t the main instrument it could fit into the list.


Naruto – Sadness and sorrow

Naruto – Grief and sorrow


Shakugan no Shana – Hishoku no sora (piano version was played in the anime, but not released in official OST)


Toradora! – Lost my pieces


5 Centimeters Per Second – End theme


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Dear you


Sword Art Online – A tender feeling


Clannad – Roaring tides


Kanon (2006) – Kaze o matta hi


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – Libera me from hell

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