Monthly Anime Update (July)


Aw man, this has been one busy month. Got my first job, gotta write articles, gotta earn my driver’s license, and most importantly hang out with friends before we can’t. #DaHighSchoolLifeIsOver


Shokugeki no Souma

I miss the first opening already! *sniff sniff* the show is still absolutely hilarious, but I think the over-the-topness might have been dialed down. I just really wanna see him beat everyone he encounters.




#WatchMeImNotMoe. I don’t think it’s spectacular in anyway, but fight scenes thou.



#WatchMeImByJunMaeda. This show is a joyride and I hope it continues to be.


Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki

The art style reminds me of Ufotable. The show fits in the war genre, which you can find better war shows like Magi.



#WatchMeImByMadHouse. This is what Sword Art Online has bred along with Log Horizon. Right now this show seems is a meh to me.


Durarara!! X2 Ten

I feel like they should have left the show alone at season one. Season one was just so good that they didn’t have to continue it. Something that I do like thou, is the opening and ending song, they’re pretty awesome.


God Eater

#WatchMeImByUfotable. YES you should watch this. The interesting art style. The thanatophobia like Sword Art and Attack on Titan. UFOTABLE.

Absolutely Gorgeous.


Old shows:

Samurai Champloo

A wonderful episodic show that has beautiful story writing and music that brings out my love for hip-hop. Finishing the show also made me think about the difference between episodic shows and slice-of-life shows. Shout outs to one of THE CALMING ENDING SONGS I HAVE EVER LISTENED TO. The song speaks to my soul.


5 centimeter per second

A beautiful movie that should be watched by anyone and everyone. It’s one of those shows that provokes you to ask the question “what is life?” It also has a full piano OST that compliments the movie, making the show even more peaceful and calming.


Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Have you heard of the word Chuunibyou before? If your answer was a no, this show is for you! A heart-warming show that would release your inner childhood.


K-On – 5 episodes in

Recommended to me by lots and just got around to watching it. The show makes me feel as if time was slowed. Shout outs to another absolutely awesome ending song that actually makes me want to go onto the next episode. #MioBestGirl


Nichijou – 4 episodes in

Comedy is usually a side-genre in anime. Nichijou would like to differ. That is the only reason you need to watch it.


And on a side note to my One Piece fans, I recently started reading One Piece. Just finished the Water 7 arc! It was beautiful.  \(@;◇;@)/


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  1. Samurai Champloo is an underrated gem and Chuunibyou is a lot of fun too. Durarara season 1 was awesome and left me wanting more. Shame that the second season is apparently not that good.

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