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Fallout Shelter Android First Impression


Welcome Overseer to the Fallout Shelter First Impressions Module. As Overseer you will get my first hand experience from my time as overseer of vault 711.

Upon loading vault i was ran through some basic tutorials on how to make rooms, place my dwellers in the rooms, and how to collect there hard work. Upon starting you have four main rooms you can make that I will be covering as this is a first impression piece.

Enter Your Vault

Enter Your Vault

The first room you are tasked at making is a Living Quarters. Living Quarters or “LQ” as i’m going to refer to it as is where all the “magic happens” it’s the place that allows you to obtain more dwellers lets say for our PG audience, either by opening up more beds for wastelanders that stumble upon your vault or by more adult means with a man and a woman (lets just hope you know who each dweller is or you may have a daughter and father or mother and son making you a new dweller but that’s a topic for another time.)

Living Quarters

Living Quarters

The Second room is a Power Generator or “Power” as i’m calling it. Power is where you place dwellers to obtain you YUP you guessed it POWER! Power that supplies all your vault, without power areas of your vault lose power and go dark and the dwellers stop working.

Power Generator

Power Generator

The Third room is a Diner, the Diner is where dwelllers are assigned to make food to supply nutrition to the rest of your vault. No Diner = No Food, No Food = REALLY HUNGRY Dwellers. So just imagine everyone in the world that made food was gone and you couldn’t because you were stuck in a Power room or a LQ Room nothing in there to make you a meal so you rely on the Diner dwellers.



The fourth and final room we are going to talk about in this first impression is the Water Treatment room or “Water” as i’m calling it. The water room is another room just like Power BUT instead of Power they supply the vault with all the Water needed to survive the FallOut.

Water Plant

Water Treatment

Along with these four rooms i’ve selected are many others and I promise I will cover them in another article. The reason I’m doing this first impression is to let you know how well made this game is. Yes it came extremely late to Android and Yes the hype for it is practically all gone, BUT for a free to play game I must admit I feel like I’ve gotten my hype and “moneys” worth out of it. As well I wanted to cover making the rooms and setting yourself up for success in you vault (this is something i’m still learning as I’ve refused reading how to guides on mobile games)

So Upon completing the tutorial and setting up my main four rooms I continued playing for a few hours only yo find out that by placing all four rooms together I’d created a problem, I couldn’t expand those four rooms but was forced to tear them down just to rebuild them. But by doing so you lose precious caps (currency in Fallout fyi) so I deleted my vault and started new. Now if your wondering how and why I did this let me tell you this game won’t let you build a endless vault, YES it will let you build a bigger vault than needed and I see no reason to give us more space, but I also don’t see the point in building a ton of tiny rooms with lower production. As you build a room and expand it with a room attached and upgrades they combine to make 1 massive room, usually each room can be upgraded to three small rooms being upgraded far enough to make a SUPER room! These “SUPER rooms” will have a higher production rate and storage rate than the equivalent number of smaller rooms thus why you want to prepare for success as the overseer.

As an example here is a layout of how i built mine.

Top Level Of Vault 711

Top Level Of Vault 711

As you can see you have the vault door followed by an elevator followed by a SUPER LQ,
take the elevator down 1 level you have a SUPER Power room on the left and a SUPER Dinner on the right, take it down to the third level and you have a Super Water room on the left and a Armory on the right which we will cover in my next Fallout Shelter article.

Upon Building these rooms you must assign dwellers, dwellers all have a SPECIAL just like in normal fallout so lets take a look at what they are.



As you can see each letter of SPECIAL stands for something, S for Strength and L for Luck and well you can read the rest. Those Letters all correspond to what they would be useful for in your vault. For example the Power room is for people with more Strength  and the Diner is for people who can work quickly also know as Agility, Endurance makes a good Scavenger to send out to the wastelands, and Perception are the best in the Water room.

From the picture above you can also see that each dweller has a level, this is raised by them working in the vault or scavenging, as well you can dress your dwellers in clothing that will aide them in the room or task you assign them, This gentlemen is wearing a jacket that gives him extra Luck as you see the Luck bar has a little blue to it.  You can also assign them a weapon because you will have the occasional rad roach infestation so be prepared.

Well I think I’ve given you enough information on Fallout Shelter to get you started it’s a vast wasteland out there and nothing can prepare you for it BUT I hope I’ve been helpful overseer, it’s time for you to create your own vault and rebuild. Good Luck!

Zach Auld
Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer

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