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Another title we got to get our hands on this year was BattleBorn over at the 2K booth. BattleBorn is a extremely fast paced FPS that was summed up in this sentence, “Anything that you see move shoot it in the face” and as I laughed it off when it was said by the end I realized how true those words are. Battleborn pits you and 4 other players against a swarm of enemies trying to battle through the map it is imperative that you all work as a fluid unit if you wish to survive. While Tim and I played two rounds of BattleBorn I selected two different characters one a more melee fighter and my second a long range esk fighter. I found that between the two the game play changed drastically for me leaving me to believe that 2K has really found a sweet spot on how to tailor each character to a specific role without making it to boring to replay that character.

Each character as we experienced has a talent tree as you will and you will rank up as the match progresses with each rank you’re able to unlock a new talent or ability to further progress your character. Thus leaving you a massive amount of matches to play the same character in multiple ways.

As battleborn is an FPS i was excited to see what they had in store for us, but watching the general PAX attendees play I realized how fast paced this game can actually be, now that’s not a bad thing in the right setting, I would be lieing if I didn’t say I wasn’t a bit worried that they may forget something or it may be to overwhelming selecting your upgrades and abilities while fighting huge swarms of enemies. Now I won’t say that the leveling up aspect was easy but I will say that it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined before hand. Fumbling through all the selections and options seems daunting but when in game it almost seemed fluid and I never felt like I was leaving myself open while selecting an upgrade or new more powerful ability. So for that I was pleased and as for the fast paced FPS well lets say it was fluid and inviting. I never felt like I didn’t know what to do. Press forward and fight the next onslaught of evil that awaits.

In conclusion my personal opinion of battleborn is that it’s a fun, fast paced FPS that if you’re looking for a more cartoon take is the game for you. Full of strategy and bullet storms with some awesome special abilities that add to the joy of watching things go BOOM.

Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer

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