Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: Two against the galaxy!


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime places you and a copilot in a brightly colored spherical spaceship flying through a very hostile, randomly generated neon galaxy. On your quest to rescue space bunnies to unlock ship upgrades, both players must run around the ship to control different control stations to fight off hordes of evil robots. Giant space bear on the starboard? Better run over and man that turret!

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is best played with a friend next to you on the couch. Although the game does provide you with an AI spacedog for a single player experience, it won’t compare to yelling at your partner to man the lower turret or boost the shields as chaos unfolds around you.


Your ship can be upgraded with many types of weapons like missiles and a giant flail, and other parts of the ship like shields can be upgraded as well. Multiple playthroughs of the procedurally generated random stages will help to collect enough space bunnies to upgrade your ship for the fiercer final levels, and since there’s no permadeath, you can keep making your ship stronger as you progress. Grab a bud and shoot some evil robots and save those bunnies!

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime releases September 9, 2015 on Xbox One and Steam. Hear more about this and other games on the Plug and Play podcast.



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