The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 Quick Look


This like many other TellTale games is based on decisions,  decisions YOU as the player have to make. The thing about this is that I don’t go back often on these style of games to see if my choices really make a difference. Well I’m not here to tell you of how these games are played, but I am here to tell you about Episode 1 of TellTales newest addition to their Walking Dead titles.

The Walking Dead: Michonne starts with a little background on our favorite machete wielding woman. You may or may not know her background depending on if you’ve read the comics other watched AMC’S top rated show “The walking dead”. Now if you haven’t and you’re only familiar with “ The walking Dead” through TellTales previous 2 seasons (which by the way has never focused on TV or Comic characters before) then I’ll fill you in on her story as that plays massive role in her mindset and actions (or not if you don’t play it that way).


The beginning, we start this mini series with Michonne seeing two little girls who have changed staring at her. She is heart broken, after playing through a 5 to 10 minute cut scene/slight player interaction you are on a beach with a gun in your hand. The first choice I remember having to make was either you put a gun to your head or set the gun down. I chose to put it down, as in the comic and the show she struggles with the loss of her children  (the little girls staring at her in the opening flash backs.) So the loss of her children, the feeling of letting them down, and the collapse of the world as she knows it is what Michonne is dealing with mentally and physically. If that isn’t enough then to add it all she of course is going to be met with challenges and trials through this mini series. Other than the opening spoilers I won’t be covering any others going forward. Going forward I won’t be spoiling any other major parts of Episode 1.


Continuing on, after putting the gun down, you are met by a gentlemen who sails the seas. If this sounds familiar you’ve read comics, if not then trust me she is sea worthy. This mysterious man is a trader, and is approaching a land where he has made friends trading since the outbreak,  but like all good stories they aren’t responding to your radio calls,  after a faint voice is heard your ship strikes something and comes to a stop,  it HITS something where there wasn’t anything before, upon looking around you see freshly sunken ships. So what next?  Well there was the faint voices over the radio, and you’re Michonne so we set out to help the captain find his friends and the faint voices. And that’s where things get exciting and tough so I’ll leave it up to you to pick up from there.


If you’d rather watch my play through I have a complete let’s play of Episode 1 on the Plug and Play Youtube channel that’s I’ve embedded below.


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