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Checkin’ Out… Infinity Blade


Punch-Out with swords. Hate to be trite, but that’s what I think about when I play this game, and it’s pretty awesome. A few years ago, mobile gaming was nothing like how you see it now. There were barely any free-to-play games with shady microtransactions and anything that wasn’t free took the form of tiny 5 minute games worth 99 cents. It wasn’t until Epic games tried to make a game that showed off the Unreal Engine for the first time on mobile platforms, featuring a game with knights and epic battles with a mysterious setting.

Infinity Blade became well known for it’s fun gameplay, and of course, it’s amazing visuals. Even today, the game’s two sequels still reign supreme in the visuals department over most other mobile games out there, which are very much worth the price.

Game Review – Stranger of Sword City (PS Vita)

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