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Welcome to Stardew Valley city slicker. In Stardew Valley anything is possible. So if you might be wondering what Stardew Valley is, I’m going to give you a quick run down on it and what to expect as I still haven’t finished the game.

So lets dive in, Stardew Valley is reminiscent of old school games and by this I mean a more 8bit look with text instead of voice over. A nice touch to a modern deep narrative game. You start off by reading an interaction you had with your aging grandfather while he lay on what i presume was his death bed. After that scene you are taken to a boring 9 to 5 office job that you can’t stand, and then this letter appears from inside your desk drawer. That is where the adventure unfolds. As you get on a bus to the farm life your grandfather loved to dearly.


In Stardew Valley you are met by the mayor checking up on the property, getting it ready for your arrival. Not all is as it seems though, as Stardew is facing many problems, mystery’s and dilemma’s all of its own. The town is thriving and in the same respect struggling to stay afloat.

You arrive, and must work your field to grow crops, livestock and basically just try and survive. Though it’s not all work, there is a town with it’s own stories to tell and people to interact with each with a different personality. Though some may be cold at the start you will warm up to love them all OR you wont. I mean those are really your only two options in life and so it is in this game.


As the days go on things will be triggered to happen, you may end up getting a pet, or a cake from your mother wishing you well. But alas that is the beauty of this game, you never know when you will encounter something new and wonderful or what secrets you may uncover. From building barns, and coops, to upgrading your house. From falling in love, to exploring a mysterious cave the options are endless and so is Stardew Valley.

If you want to see some of these things I’m talking about please check out the video below that I made highlighting some of the funny (or what i thought was funny) things in the game to some of the key things this game offers.

As for if I would recommend this game, I would have to say if you loved games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing this game is that and so much more, SO what are you waiting for open STEAM and jump head first into Stardew Valley!


Zach Auld

Explosive, outspoken Podcaster/ Streamer

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