I was asked by a friend to make this list a couple months ago, but somehow every time I think I’ve completed it, I discover another title for Sony’s little forgotten gem, and I altered it. So to avoid that infinite loop I’ve decided to make the list with what we have now and if another set of titles pop up that warrant another list, then we’ll just make another list and title it Ver.2. or something like that.

Now normally when constructing a list like this I’d start with the least interesting title and work my way to number one, but I feel that format has been overused, so I’ll be listing the games in a random order as I see fit. No title on the list is necessarily better than the others, because as the list says they’re all “all games that should be on your radar”, and so you should have them all in your collection.


Persona 4 Golden

Marie P4G

Every time I have bought a new game console it has never been because of it’s specs or the style of the system. Like most of you, what really gets me to shell out the bucks and purchase a new platform are the games, and if one of them is a true system seller then that’s more of a reason to own that platform. For the PS Vita the system seller that got me interested in it was Persona 4. The game was originally on the PS2, and though I had owned a PS2 in the past I didn’t own it for long, and in that time I didn’t manage to hear of this gem, so when I heard of the PS Vita version I was captivated. Persona 4 brought together many interest I have into one well put together package;  Anime cutscenes, 3D character models, dating sims, Japanese lifestyle, well designed dungeons and a rejuvenating take on the turn based formula. The game is the definition of a perfect JRPG, and if you own a PS Vita you should consider this title top priority.




Bastion is a game I’ve owned for years on numerous other platforms before I eventually got it on a PSN sale for the PS Vita, and quite frankly I don’t think I had much intention to play it at all. It was pretty much an impulse buy that ended up being one of the most played titles on my Vita. What made it so good was it’s easy to pick up and play in short bursts nature, while remaining a deep and rewarding experience. From it’s well written voice overs to it’s tight combat, It’s all so well done that you’ll find yourself playing sections of it over and over just to squeeze every minute of gameplay you can out of it.

Bastion was so good that I find myself hoping that Supergiant Games will considers bringing over it’s spiritual successor “Transistor” to the Vita someday.





This was another title that I got on a whim, but this time it was via Sony’s PS Plus service. Xeodrifter is a modern classic platformer that takes a lot of it’s inspirations from games like Metroid and super Mario bros, while at the same time adding it’s own unique flair to it’s genre. Now I could just have easily put titles like super meat boy, mutant mudds or Rogue Legacy on the list in it’s place, however I find that Xeodrifter’s style of gameplay and soundtrack lends itself very well to the Vita. Plus it was free with PS Plus and as we know nothing beats free, nothing!


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

There’s nothing I can say about this game that hasn’t already been said better by my colleague Jorge, so I’ll just leave it to him to explain why you should want/ have this game in you collection:   

Gravity Rush

Probably the second title I got for my Vita, and what a number two it was. It was a game that kept me company during the long trips home from the office, it was the icebreaker when I showed my Vita to friends, It was and still is one of the best games available the Vita, and it saddens me that we shan’t be getting it’s sequel on the little handheld. Gravity Rush is the kind of game that is inherently meant to be played on a handheld device. The gameplay mechanics of controlling gravity around main character Kat lend themselves nicely to the Vita’s unique control scheme and the story & characters are unique enough to keep you engaged, while at the same time it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

One of the other cool things about Gravity Rush and the PS Vita was that I could play my own music while playing the game. Something that I couldn’t do with Uncharted Golden Abyss, another game I had at the time.


Senran Kagura (series)   

It’s easy to see why this game may not make it on most other must own PS Vita games lists, but this is not most other list. Oh no. This is a list that doesn’t judge a game by it’s quarks, but rather it embraces and celebrates them. SK games have always gotten a lot of stick from the mainstream media, many of whom have either never played one of these games before and just react to images they’ve seen on the internet or they’re just so focused on the fan service that they fail to see what the game truly offers. 

As for those of you that choose to forgo the accepted conventions, you’ll find that the games are a whole lot more than just fan service, and yes the fan service is a part of the experience, albeit not one that should affect your time with the game in a negative manner. The female form is beautiful and so is the male, so none should have an issue with these titles unless you’re just a sorry individual that doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin or appreciate others. As for me I’m not phased by the look of the games and thus I have been be privy to experiencing some of the best action, beat ‘em up titles available on the market to date. Each of the two titles available for the Vita boasts large selections of very unique playable characters whereby no two play the same. This alone is a feat that has astounded me, but that’s not even the half of it. The characters also each have 2 transformations and those are also unique in the way that they play, which can make it seem like you have triple the amount of characters. Then add  in the surprisingly emotionally deep plot and the equally rewarding side stories, and you have a title that defies expectations. GET IT, get them all.


So was their any game that you think I may have missed? Of course there was… let me know about them in the comment section below.


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