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33011_image014I walked into my appointment with Magic The Gathering: Puzzle Quest not really knowing anything about Puzzle Quest games but having a solid grasp on Magic The Gathering. So I walked up and had an amazing time learning about the game, how it played, how cards roll out, how instances and sorcery cards are handled and other basic items. Upon completing a few matches I was hooked.

Each player plays as 1 of several Planeswalkers who all have different abilities. Depending on the Planeswalkers level there abilities as well may be different, the more you level them the more effective the abilities become, along with raising their base health which is represented in the top left.


Some Planeswalkers will give you +1 for matching black mana or maybe +2 black +1 green -1white and 0 blue. What this means is if you match 3 black (3 is the minimum required for matching) you’d get +5 instead of +3 because of the +2 but if you math white you’d only get +2 because of the -1 where as with blue you’d just get 3.

The more mana you match the quicker you can roll out creatures, spells, instances, or anything else you have. So if you match three along the bottom and it shifts down and another 3 match then you will acquire those subsequent matches as well.



Overall I had an amazing time with MTG Puzzle Quest, it’s free to play on Android and Apple So head over and download it and give it a shot. Packed full of online challenges and a story line  this has all the stuff needed to be charging but it’s FREE so go give it a shot!



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