Ark System Works Announces New Kunio-kun Game For Japan!


Hey. You ever heard of River City Ransom? Well, maybe some of you didn’t know that there have been a ton of different games with that same art style and idea, and now we are getting a brand new one for PlayStation 4 called Downtown Rantou Koushinkyoku: Kachinuki Kakutou SP. The gameplay is actually taken from a certain Battle Royale mode from a similar game called River City Super Sports Challenge on PS3, except that it’s more enhanced and has a much bigger focus this time around.


Now, the thing that really makes this interesting is that Ryohei Endo, the man who has directed the BlazBlue games, will be involved in the development. The game will have changes in the balancing and in competition with other players. It will also come with brand new attacks, throw attacks and cooperative moves among many other things. The stages will also have some new features like environmental hazards and the like. Along with the awesome aesthetic, all the new things being introduced and the fact that a BlazBlue person is also working on it, I highly recommend you keep your eyes on this when it comes out this winter on the Japanese PSN store.


Source: Ark System Works


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