How The F*ck Do We Know There’s Cursing In Mario Kart 8?


In a pretty funny surprise, someone has discovered a curse word in a Nintendo game. There is a Youtuber by the name of Harm who has made a video showing that there is some unintentional cursing in the most family friendly game in the world Mario Kart 8. The way that you can find this naughty word is by searching the sound files for the game and find the Mii chatter from the Mario Kart 8 TV menu. If you reverse and slow down the audio, on top of some small distortion changes, you will discover the sound of a ton people talking in a room in which one of them says, “How the fuck does she know?”

So…yeah, that’s pretty funny. That’s how the f*ck we know there’s cursing in Mario Kart 8.

Source: Harm (Youtube)

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