Is Paladins The Game to Take Overwatch’s Crown?

Most of you that listens to any of the podcasts that I feature on should know that I have been very vocal about my lack of interest in multiplayer game, especially MOBAs, but after trying Paladins with Roger, I may have changed my mind.

Paladins is a First Person Shooter MOBA from High-Rez Studios that is usually compared to Overwatch due to the many similarities that the two game share; however, I think Paladins is a game that also shares similarities with games like league of legends and SMITE. Paladins pretty much take the aspects that make those games good, offers it in a single package. The game has a similar first/third person shooter ascetic that is similar to the aforementioned Overwatch, and it has a card/store system that is reminiscent of MOBAs like League of Legends. The game also heavily supports objective based team combat, so make sure you have a group of friends with voice chat to help you while you play, as some online players may not care about the objectives, which can result in an unbalanced match in favor of the opposition.



Graphically, the game looks stunning, thanks to it’s vibrant color pallet, and smooth animations. I was actually really surprised by how well it all ran on my system, because the machine I played it on isn’t the what one would consider powerful by PC gaming standards, but none the less it handled the game perfectly, offering a smooth 60fps while capturing gameplay. My reason for mentioning this is not as a means to brag about my system, but to show that this game should be able to run on just about any modern PC.

The champions in the game also have a lot of individual personality, which is also enhanced by all the customizations available for each of them. When you start the game a few of the champions will be available for use, and you should be able to either buy the rest for $19.99 as a part of the game’s “Founder’s Pack” or by playing the game, and using in game currency to purchase them individually. I found both options to be quite fair, and personally I could go either way with regards to acquiring new champions. Speaking of the champions, they were very easy to control with both my controller and keyboard/mouse, so it’s more or less up to the player to decide which option suits them best.



Now I feel it is important to note that I have only spent a little over 1 hour and a half with the game, so I don’t think my opinions on it are worthy enough to be called anything more than a first impression, but so far I am impressed by what this game has to offer, oh and did I mention that the game is free to download and play from either steam or the game’s own website?

 Well Now I have! It’s FREE!

I’ll be continuing to play Paladins in my quest to unlock Evie, and hopefully in the process I’ll have more to say about the game. For those that prefer to play on console, don’t worry, You can sign up for Paladins’ closed Beta for both the XBOX ONE and PS4. For more information check:

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