Let’s Catch Up On Some Blue Reflection Trailers!

Since the last time we covered Blue Reflection, there have been two character trailers released online. Let’s go ahead and talk about these before a hundred more come out. Seriously, how many characters are in this game? One can only handle so many cute schoolgirls in one game before they lose it.

The first trailer features Sarasa Morikawa, who is a ballet dancer who was in direct competition with Hinako, the protagonist of the game, who no longer does any ballet due to an injury. Because Hinako stopped, Sarasa became the top dancer. Despite her attitude towards Hinako, she’s still sociable and is friends with pretty much everyone.

After that, we have Ako Ichinose, a girl who really loves money. She dreams to make the big bucks and become a journalist in the future, which is made clear by the fact that she is part of the Broadcasting Club.

Look out for Blue Reflection when it arrives on March 30 in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita.

Source: Gust Channel


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