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Recently I’ve been supplementing my manga reading with some manhwa, and oh boy has it been gooood. In a way I’m kind of starting to consider manhwa to be better than manga, but I’ll save that for a separate editorial. ?

One of the manhwa that I’ve been reading that has gripped my attention is Love Perimeter. The manga presents us with an intriguing set of scenarios that I think most fans of ecchi content would be compelled to have in their own lives. Like the other manhwa that I’ve had the pleasure of reading recently, its got good writing that should grip your attention immediately.

Our story is centered around a bloke named Young Hoon who is completely terrible at reading other people. This puts him in a series of unfortunate situations, and has resulted in him not being a relationship with a woman longer than a month. After being dumped by his then girlfriend of a mere 4 days. Young Hoon experiences even worse luck when his glasses are crushed by a bloke on a scooter.

Hmm… I think I worded that wrong. He got some amazing luck by having his glasses broken.

This is because he ends up getting a new pair of glasses from an uncle at a mysterious shop which allow him to see personality stats about people. These stats allow him to tell what kind of person he’s looking at, and it also helps him with conversations suggestions to get whatever he desires. The glasses have some other abilities as well, including the ability to view other people’s memories of naughty stuff, the amount of times they’ve had sex, and other details that they would never be willing to tell anyone.

Soon after receiving these wonderful glasses ,Young Hoon uses them to full effect on a girl he bumps into on the street, which results in them bumping beautiful parts, and oh boy is it good. He then uses the glasses on a few other girls involving a couple other different situations. This continues smoothly until he meets a girl who’s stats he can’t see. A few unforeseen circumstances occur after that, but I’ll omit those from this review to avoid spoiling it for you.

The art in this manhwa is stunningly lewd too the max, and like other manhwa it doesn’t show completely nude lower bits, but it goes a long way to get around its own irrelevant censorship. The attention to detail to each and every character is something leaves very little to the imagination. It covers so many scenarios sexual including BDSM, and role-playing, and as mentioned before it’s gooood. The pages are full colored as you’d expect from manhwa, and the art has this shine over it that would make a grown man drool.

No I didn’t drool. My p-life level is too high for that. ?

Final verdict

Love Parameter is one of the most lewd manhwa that I have read recently, and it also happens to have one of the most interesting plots that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I left out a lot in my description of the manhwa, because it has a lot of interesting twists that I think as a reader you’ll want to experience for yourself. Young Hoon is an anemic protagonist at first, but he quickly grows into a more assertive character, and when you think you have it all figured out, the manga changes again. If you like ecchi manhwa, attractive women, and tons of plot-twists then you’re gonna want to read this one.

The series is written by kkun and illustrated by Insane. It currently not being officially published outside of Korea, but we’re hoping that it eventually gets picked up by a western publisher.


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  1. yesterday i just finished reading this manhwa. This manhwa satisfy me until the f*ckin near ending problems appear. Makes me like “oh god, i can’t handle this”. i’ll give 8/10 for this manhwa. …poor Ha-Young…

    1. Yea, it’s got quite the trouble some ending. I was hoping that the mutual use of the eyewear would form a bond between them, but then the writer goes and leaves it up in the air. Not conclusion ?

    1. Not that I know off. I’ve moved on to other stories since that one; however, if there is a follow-up I’ll be sure to publish something about it.

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