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NIS America Release Another God Wars: Future Past Character Trailer


This trailer introduces various mythological, folklore, and Tatarigami characters you’ll run into.

  • Ookuninushi
    Another main character on Kaguya’s side. The Prince of Izumo, Ookuninushi. Meeting Kaguya helps him become a brave man who bears the weight of his nation on his shoulders.
  • Momotaro
    A famous hero from Japanese folklore. The Prince of Hyuga, Momotaro. The heir apparent from the Hyuga nation seeks a powerful centralized government, and opposes Kaguya and Ookuninushi.
  • Amaterasu & Susanoo
    The ware between these two great nations angered the Gods.
  • Yamatanoorochi
    The strongest monster in Japanese mythology, Yamatanoorochi. Fight a deadly battle for the fate of Mizuho.
  • Hinotori
    This Tatarigami lost its mind due to its anger at humanity, and lashes out with its fire.

GOD WARS Future Past for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita will arrive in North America on June 20 and in Europe on June 16.

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