ESL Play to Host Free-To-Play Heavy Metal Machines European Championship With Over €10,000 Prize Pool

Brazilian developer, Hoplon announced that Heavy Metal Machines, the upcoming car-combat MOBA, is opening up registration for its first ever Esports European Championship on July 1, 2017 for a limited time via their partners – ESL PlayHeavy Metal Machines is currently available to play for free on Steam.

Registration is free and can be completed by visiting ESL Play’s registration:

Filled with fast-paced action, team play elements, unique MOBA gameplay and a heavy metal soundtrack, aspiring esports players and current professionals across the globe will be able to register for the first ever Heavy Metal Machines competitive tournament hosted on a European server with a prize pool of over €10,000. Hoplon is taking the necessary steps intended for its most important Heavy Metal Machines event, with recent leaderboards and bomb updates ensuring the MOBA is prepared for the competitive scene.

Players will be able to register through the official ESL Play website, connect their Steam account to their ESL Play account, and then team-up in Heavy Metal Machines. The captain of the team will register their side into the championship on the ESL Play platform.

The tournament dates and rounds are as follows:

  • July 1 – Registrations opening
  • July 16 – Qualifiers

o   First round – the Swiss Model will be used, which is broken down into rounds. Opponents being chosen at random.

o   Second round – winners will square-off and the losers play in the loser’s bracket.

o   Third round – Will be held as a round robin tournament, or all-play-all tournament, in which each contestant will meet all other contestants in turn.

  • July 23 – Play-offs

o   Top eight teams from the Qualifiers advance to the Play-offs.

o   A double elimination bracket system will be used – everyone has to lose twice before they are eliminated.

  • July 30 – Main Finals (and Lower Bracket)

o   Lower Bracket Final is played between the last loser of the Upper Bracket and the Lower Bracket winner.

o   Main Final is played between the winner of the Lower Bracket Final and the winner of the Upper Bracket.


To find out more about the thrilling world of Hoplon’s Heavy Metal Machines visit this: Link.

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