600 Games Available Now on Utomik


Utomik unleashes gamers with great games in one affordable subscription service with over 60 leading publishers such as DisneySEGADeepSilver and Telltale. Utomik has reached a new industry record: the first gaming subscription platform with 600 games!

“We are proud to set this industry record. This is just the beginning though. We have many exciting announcements lined up for the coming months!” – Doki Tops, CEO Utomik.

Utomik brings a weekly growing library of hand-picked games for only $5.99. Enjoy playing a variety of games? Utomik shines with diversity, discover something new every day. It’s now incredibly easy to play blockbuster classics, retro gems and fresh indie games. With smart download tech, play games instantly with the click of a button. Utomik covers a lot of ground, from action and strategy to casual and indie, along with more recently released games.

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