Add One Of Cinema’s Most Influential Scenes to Your Collection

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Many years ago, I went to film school. One of my favorite classes was about censorship. It lit a fire inside me to hold a torch for art to be shown in its most pure form. Of course, the world isn’t always ready or open and accepting to art. True art is meant to challenge us.

I had never considered some of the movies I watched growing up to be as impactful as they were. One of those films was Basic Instinct. Maybe I was too young to understand how this film pushed the envelope in American cinema for more than just shock value. I mean you have this woman and there’s this scene where she is being interrogated. In the midst of that she uncrosses her legs to give the detective a peek under her dress.

What I didn’t realize until studying this film in a collegiate setting was this was more than just showing off a part of the female anatomy that has always been censored. This was about the power of femininity. It showed the control and understanding a strong woman has. No other film had been able to break the mainstream the way this film did and in a way that was for more than to shock its audience.

(gif from Basic Instinct, 1992)

Sharon Stone plays the strong female antagonist of Catherine Trammel in this snapshot of the 90’s. It’s a film that has gained so much revere over the years it’s no surprise that Bluefin and BLITZWAY are putting out a truly magnificent 1:4 scale statue of the infamous interrogation scene.

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This Basic Instinct Catherine Tramell Statue is over a foot tall and is a piece of art all on its own. Not only is the sculpt a spot on but the mixed materials used for the accessory pieces really bring this statue to life.  Every detail is incredibly intricate making it well worth the $429.99 price point.

It’s All In the Details

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Well, a couple of things that really make this statue spectacular are all of the mixed materials used. This is shown right away by her clothing being made of real fabric and her removable white jacket. It is also apparent in the chair she’s sitting on. The black leather shines in the light and creases in a way only real fabric would. Then you see her cigarette being held in such a way you might swear there is a thin trail of smoke coming off of it.

(photos courtesy of Bluefin)

All of these features add an uncanny sense of realism but what makes this statue a true piece of art in my eyes is its amazing paint job. It is done in such a way that truly brings this on screen scene to life. I was able to find a side by side comparison below because I don’t think any words I write can truly do it justice.

Final Verdict

Overall, this statue is magnificent. When you look at everything that has been put into making one of the most influential scenes in American cinema a tangible piece of art, I think it is well worth the high price point of $429.99. She’s available for pre-order at Bluefin now and will be released in February of 2018.

By adding her to your collection, you can be a part of pushing the envelope and promoting strong femininity to all who are exposed to her.

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