Bluefin To Release An Epic Spider-Man Battle Diorama Series Statue Set

Back in 2016, Brazilian toy company, Iron Studios, and the Comic Con Experience event in Sao Paulo (CCXP) released official Marvel poster art for the convention from artist, Rafael Albuquerque.

(photo courtesy of CCXP)

Now, in conjunction with Bluefin, this impressive piece of art is the newest addition to Iron Studios’ Battle Diorama Series. This set of 1/10 scale statues includes Spider Gwen and Spider-Man fighting against their biggest foes, Carnage and Venom. Each of the four statues stands on its own but when displayed together show off quite the battle scene.

(photo courtesy of Bluefin)

Starting from the bottom of the full display we have Spider Gwen. Her paint job is spectacular. The finer details of the pinks and blues against the black and white in her outfit is right on par with her character design. This is emphasized by the position she is displayed in. She’s holding herself up by one hand with both legs kicking out in front of her. She’s set to be released in December 2018 for $129.99.

(photo courtesy of Bluefin)

Second in the line up is Carnage. Pinned against Spider Gwen the full battle begins to unfold, but as an individual statue he is still very impressive. The black jagged lines against his vibrant red base are shown in a way that looks like black goo overtaking this villain. The protrusions reaching out from his back are sculpted with such precision and should probably be handled with care to keep from slicing your fingers. He is set to be released in January 2018 for $144.99.

(photos courtesy of Bluefin)

Pitted against our friendly neighborhood spider is Venom. There is a lot of great detailing put into this statue. At a closer look it is the intricate sculpting to show off his protruding veins that will catch anyone’s eye. That mouth filled with sharp teeth and his wrapped up slithering tongue really bring this character to life. All that’s really missing is some real saliva. He’s set to be released in January 2018 for $159.99.

(photos courtesy of Bluefin)

Finally, last but not least, we have Spider-Man. Showing off his incredible flexibility in a classic spidey-pose, this statue shows off some masterful sculpting. The way his body is contorted feels very real. Even though you can’t see his face there’s a real sense of determination that comes off from this statue that only Spidey can portray. Couple that with the grooves sculpted into his costume and this is a must have for every Spidey fan! He’s set to come out in December 2017 for $164.99.

(photos courtesy of Bluefin)

Each of these limited edition statues are available for pre-order now through Bluefin. You can pick and choose your favorite character but as a set this is an amazing battle display that can be the center piece to every fan’s collection!

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