These Realistic Hannibal Lecter Figures Are Terrifyingly Amazing!

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There have been many influential and pivotal films throughout history that actually make an audience feel something real. For me I have always been drawn to the dark and mysterious. Films that make me uncomfortable and ultimately play into my deepest fears have been the ones that have stayed with me. They make me question the world around me but also question myself. These films are truly pieces of art and no matter what generation sees them, there is still the same feelings that come across.

Silence of the Lambs is one of those films. It’s hard to categorize it into any one genre because all at the same time it falls under horror, thriller and suspense. What everyone actually remembers from it is a really devious and evil character named, Hannibal Lecter. He was a cannibalistic psychiatrist that ends up helping the protagonist in the film, Clarice. She basically uses him as a sounding board to figure out how to find this killer and, well I don’t want to give away the movie.

Hannibal has been such an iconic figure in film for so many years that just saying his name gives me chills. To think of an intelligent man who pursued medicine to be a murderer who eats people?! No thank you! With all of that though it is fun to look inside to see a character like him and how he acts. He’s very calculated and well put together. Even when he is in his prison cells his hair is slicked back and he seems rather well groomed. That kind of juxtaposition of clean cut against such evil might be what has given him the cult status he has.

So here we are in 2017, 26 years removed from this film coming out and our friends at Bluefin are putting out two amazing figures with Hong Kong toy company, BLITZWAY. Both of these Hannibal Lecter figures have 30 points of articulation and will haunt your dreams with how realistic they are!

The Straight Jacket

There is one version of him in the white straightjacket. This portrayal just reminds me of one of the creepiest moments in cinema I had ever seen. Hannibal is being transferred and in doing so has to be completely confined, including his face. He’s wearing a ridiculous mask that makes him look like a dog, but the problem is that he can still speak. It will chill you to the bone or at least make you hair stand on end so I would definitely suggest checking out that scene.

The figure includes Hannibal in the white straightjacket, a removable face mask, and a fully functional gurney to roll him around in. (Check out the full gallery from Bluefin.)

The Police Uniform

The second version is Hannibal in a white police uniform which also include a night stick. This comes from a rather poetic yet very gruesome scene when he makes his ultimate escape. Whoops! SPOILERS!! I know the movie is super old, but you never know.

This figure comes with a plethora of accessories including: an authentic chair, nightstick, 1 pair of handcuffs, folding knife, fountain pen, 1 Clarice drawing prop, 1 Catholic church drawing prop, eye drawing prop, authentic patterned carpet, and a figure stand. (Check out the full gallery from Bluefin.)

Final Verdict

Overall both figures are amazing. Super detailed and just as creepy as the character they portray. If you are a fan of cinema and especially Silence of the Lambs then you will definitely want to pre-order one or both of these figures from Bluefin now for $269.99 each. They are both set to be released in the beginning of 2018 sometime so keep an eye out!

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