Explore small worlds in Planetoid Pioneers

Let’s just get this out of the way, I was blown away with what you could do in Planetoid Pioneers. Before I checked the game out at PAX West, I thought it was a fun looking metroidvaniaesque platformer set on a small planet. It IS that, but so much more.


First and foremost, this game is physics driven. Rocks will always fall the realistically, lasers will burn with the same intensity, and gravity will vary depending on how big a planetoid is. When you start with these physics rules, then add user created items and drop in, drop out up to four player multiplayer, the magic starts to happen.

As you play, you collect resources and find blueprints. Your first blueprint might be a simple ramp made of wood that lets you get to a higher ledge, but soon you’ll be crafting vehicles, weapons, armor and all sorts of goodies. You can even craft replacement bodies for your friends playing with you!

The physics engine is so robust in this game that you can craft unique items that you can share either on the Steam Workshop or by just downloading and sharing a small file. The community potential for online content for this game is very exciting. Make sure you check out the Contributors Edition if crafting and sharing blueprints sounds like fun to you, but you can get into the early access version Game only for only $10 bucks.

I strongly suggest you check out Planetoid Pioneers with a friend or two. It has the emergent gameplay magic fun that only the chaos of well designed physics and robust crafting and upgrades combined with great levels can bring.

Tim Bledsoe

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