These Fighting Action Figures Don’t Hold Back

Are you going to NYCC this year? Then you won’t want to miss stopping by Bluefin Booth #1813. They are releasing three variants of the popular Ryu, Hot Ryu and Noob Saibot action figures that debuted at SDCC this year. These Storm Collectibles NYCC exclusives are top notch and a great addition to any fighting game fan’s collection.


As a fan of Street Fighter V it’s nice to see our main protagonist getting some new variations on his costume with these two exclusive action figures.

Originally released in his traditional white gi, this brown gi Ryu action figure is really impressive coming with tons of accessories to facilitate unlimited posing options. He comes with four sets of hands, two energy effects, three interchangeable faces and a Street Fighter V stand with a clear holder. Standing about 7-inches tall, this action figure features 30 points of articulation to give fans the ability to recreate some killer action poses. Even his feet have multiple points of articulation to really showcase some of his epic kick stances.

Stop by Bluefin Booth #1813 to get yours first for $55.


What about Hot Ryu? This limited edition version of one of Ryu’s most popular in-game variations shows off ripped abs and a bearded face for optimal hotness. Dressed in torn up black pants, black wraps on his hands and a red bandana on his head and left arm this is a great update to his original release from SDCC this year. Just like brown gi Ryu above, he comes with a ton of accessories including four sets of hands, three interchangeable faces, three energy effects and a Street Fighter V stand with clear holder.

Win the con by stopping by Bluefin Booth #1813 and getting your own Hot Ryu for $60. 


No need to fear this limited edition action figure of Noob Saibot. The badass Mortal Kombat wraith assassin gets a killer update with this exclusive ‘Blood Edition.’ His original release now features blood splatter all over his head to toe black outfit. He comes with four sets of hands and an extra hand to hold his bloodied spear. There are also two interchangeable mouth coverings for his face and a completely uncovered skull head. Two energy effects that look very much like fire and two that look like blood give fans plenty of options to recreate some of Noob Saibot’s best and bloodiest fatality scenes. 

Don’t miss this exclusive bloody version at the Bluefin Booth #1813 for $50. 


All three of these exclusive action figures have been updated to make them well worth adding to your collection. These are limited editions and won’t last long so make sure you stop by Bluefin Booth #1813 if you are going to be at NYCC to get these bad boys in your collection before they are released to the public. Don’t worry though, if you aren’t able to make the con this year Bluefin will be offering the remainder of these exclusives to the public soon after. Keep up with updates through their NYCC Announcements page here so you don’t miss your chance to get these and other exclusives as soon as soon as they are available!

*All product images have been provided by Bluefin.

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