If you didn’t manage to get your paws on VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- Bikini when it released previously for the PC, and PS Vita then now’s your chance to get in on the lewd action. VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- Bikini Party Edition is the definitive edition of the action game from the creator of Senran Kagura that dials up the action a notch, with an intricate high-octane combat system, multiple characters to master, 28 story missions and arena based online multiplayer.

VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- Bikini Party Edition includes every bit of DLC for the original game, with the exception of the two DLC characters, Mirei and Mamori. That’s over 150 pieces of additional content!

VALKYRIE DRIVE -BHIKKHUNI- Bikini Party Edition is OUT NOW on PlayStation Network in Europe and North America for PlayStation Vita.

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