GAMDIAS ZEUS P1 RGB First Impressions


GAMDIAS lights the way with the ZEUS P1 RGB OGM (Optical Gaming Mouse) and luckily we are one of the few to follow that light so here is our hands on first impression.

GAMDIAS has sent us other mice before review so we will be stacking them alongside each other to see what improvements and changes have been made. First I want to break down the specs so if that doesn’t entertain you please jump down further for the cosmetics and fancy details.

Spec Comparison

Going down this list we can see they are running on the same Advanced Sensor, sizing is moderately larger for the ZEUS but not outstanding. Honestly on the sizing factor I don’t have a large hand but I have found I do enjoy the ergonomical shaping of the ZEUS P1 over the DEMENTER E2 and the small size change isn’t large enough for me to notice without switching between the two of them.

The Weight is the next point in our chart and it’s a bit bigger and more of a weighted topic…no pun intended. Weight has always been an elusive thing for the hard core PC gamers back in the day and now the pro’s and even the weekend warriors. Some claim a higher weight in FPS or in MOBA will give them the advantage while on the other hand the other side claims the light weighted mice will do the same for them, I however fall slightly in the middle. I am accustomed to a middle ground to higher but also enjoy a light mouse if it’s built sturdy. I will say however I really enjoy the 125g the ZEUS P1 is packing, the weight being tossed around the mouse pad feels not perfect and balanced but also the casters on the bottom of the mouse smoothly glide over the surface making the 125g feel technically less and easier on your wrist.


I know keys is next but we can’t talk weight and winning edge and not talk about the DPI which the ZEUS P1 packs with a hard punch. The ZEUS P1 jumps DPI from 1600/2400/5600/8200/10800/12000 with the ease of the up and down arrows conveniently placed right behind the scroll wheels. This ability to not only change your DPI on the fly but also instantly go back down one unlike other mice I used can be the touch of death for your opponent right there. Speaking of keys the ZEUS also has 8 programmable buttons which is 3 keys over the DEMETER E2 which can also come in handy for your macro and custom key assign fans.

The last thing I wanted to talk about was the ease of use of programming not only this device but any GAMDIAS licensed products that use the HERA software. HERA is what fully programs and customizes your GAMDIAS Product. In this case we’re talking the ZEUS P1 RGB so after installing HERA and plugging in the ZEUS P1 you’ll see it’s silhouette color in and present a menu starting with  Key Assignment which you can see in the gallery below or in the video at the bottom of this.

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Last but not least we couldn’t end this review without talking about the Dual Layer 16.8 Million RGB lighting of this mouse. You may be asking what “Dual Layer” means in the world of RGB mouse lighting and I do show you on the video but if you please notice in the image on the right how the bottoms of the ZEUS P1 has a line of RGB lighting across the bottom all around the mouse as well as on top as well. This cool RGB effect not only looks good in photos but also nicely illuminates from the mouse pad and to the sides giving it a unique and appealing design and style all its own.

If you’d like more information in video format please take a few minutes to listen to me talk about the ZEUS P1 and show you through the HERA Software personally. If you feel like you got what you were looking for out of the written then let me finish off by saying, the time I’ve spent with the ZEUS P1 RGB has been probably one of the more fun and easiest transitions to a new gaming mouse I’ve had in a very long time. The mouse it self is extremely comfortable in every situation I’ve used it in from gaming to working my day job to my wife searching for baby supplies…. The point is this is a formidable top contender for any gamer from a weekend warrior to a pro on a multi million dollar Esports stage to your grandma playing COD and racking those sweet headshots the ZEUS P1 is ready to strike it’s opponents down from the Heavens with 12000 bolts of DPI Lightning.

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