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Gaming these days has become a much more social affair thanks to advancements with regards to internet quality, and speeds. Usually when we talk about gaming and the internet in the same conversation we refer to multiplayer, and co-op, but this time we’ll be discussing the communities around one of our favorite pastimes, specifically the best communities online as of this post.

  • Gaming+ (Google Plus): One of the newest community I’ve joined this past year. Gaming+ is a Google plus community boasting more than 1 million members. The group has some pretty straight forward rules, and is one of the few Google Plus groups that don’t ban members for posting YouTube videos or streams. Members frequently post polls and you can usually find content in there that relates to what’s currently popular in the gaming community. The only drawback I’ve found in the group is a lack if community engagement relative to the group’s size. With more than a million members you’d be justified in assuming that there would be hundreds of comments and plus 1s on every post, but that’s far from the truth. I’d love to see the admins and mods improve this by creating more regular community focused posts that inspire engagement, because it’s a group that I plan on being a member of as much as possible.

  • -Anime,Manga,Games,Sinlin-Sama Anamai- (Facebook): One of my favorite places to hangout on the interwebs. This group has one of the longest names and one of the most active communities. The group features a predominant amount of anime related posts; however it is also a gaming group, and as such it does feature some gaming content. You’re not likely to find posts related to Call of Duty or GTA in here as it’s not that kind of community, but you will find a healthy appreciation for anime based games and JRPGs like Neir, and Persona 5. Be warned there is also a healthy amount of fanservice in there so if that’s not your thing then you probably shouldn’t join.

  • PlayStation Gamers United (Facebook): there are many other equivalent groups like this on Facebook for other platforms including groups like XBOX Live, and Nintendo Switch, both of which I happen to also be a member of, but PSU is where I spend more of my time. PlayStation fans tend to favor similar games to me, games like Persona 5 and Tales of Bersiria. When I spend time in the other groups I find it difficult to find common interests outside of the mainstream popular titles, titles I don’t play as regularly as JRPGs. The PS4 also happens to be the most popular console of this generation at the moment, so finding other players to interact with was a lot easier for me in this group. If you own a PlayStation platform then this should be your first stop. It’s a great place to find players to play multiplayer with and make new friends.

  • Gaming (Google Plus): Gaming is everything that Gaming+ can become with a bit more engagement from it’s admins and moderators. With over a million members and an active admin team, this is arguably the most active gaming group on Google Plus to date. With abundance of gaming related memes, and polls it’s definitely a great place to hangout with fellow gamers. The only let down is that the moderators though highly active, they’re also very tough on members who break the rules without proper communication. Sometime during 2017 I was removed from the group, possibly for sharing too many streams from a friend’s channel. I can’t confirm if that’s the reason, because I wasn’t informed as to why I was removed from the group, but don’t let my personal experience deter you from joining. I’m usually quite mindful to follow the rules of groups I’m a member of; however, I may have dropped the ball without noticing it in this one. So If you’re on Google Plus this is where you need to be, just be mindful to note and follow all their rules to avoid a similar faith to mine.

  • [Honorable Mention] The Buttonsmashers Family: The Facebook home for The Buttonsmashers community is a great place for all the wonderful people who appreciate the content we publish. I’m highly active in this group, along with a few other members who post memes, videos and other stuff. It’s not the biggest group, but it’s a cozy one. If you wish to engage with myself or others who create content for The Buttonsmashers then be sure to join us here.

  • PS Vita Gamers Unite! (Facebook): Ahhh my digital home away from home. Sony may have abandoned the Vita in the west, but the vita owning community is stronger than ever before, and PS Vita Gamers Unite! is where the most active PS Vita owners live. With 22,000 plus highly active members as of this post, it’s a wonderful place to be. I visit this wonderful community numerous times per day, and every time I’m greeted with multiple new posts all filled with reactions and comments. The members in the group are all welcoming and eager to assist new and old owners of the wonderful handheld that we all love. The sense of community can be felt from the regular platform selfie updates which different members post to the regular post related to new purchases by members. If you own a Vita or plan on getting one then this is the best place to be.

Now I know that some or maybe all of my choices may not align with yours, but beautiful thing about these lists. I got to share my favorite communities with you, and now I’d love to know what are your favorites. My hope is by doing this we will all find new wonderful places to express our passion for the games we like.


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