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In Fallen Legion+ for the PC we get a combination of Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire (originally released on PS4) and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (originally released on PS4 & PS Vita). Both tell the story of a civil war that tears a nation apart from different perspectives. Playing the Sins of an Empire route you play as the princess of Fenumia, Cecille as she reluctantly struggles to hold her nation together following the death of her father. Corrupt royals, and starving peasants are just a few of the things that the young princess will have to deal with as she inherits the sins of her father. In Flames of Rebellion we get a contrast to the princess, a point of view that sees us take control of a rebellion inside the Nation led by Legatus Laendur. Now from his point of view it’s not that he initially want to go up against the princess, but rather forced to due to circumstances that you’ll encounter as his story progresses.

So why a rebellion? Well you see Fenumia isn’t your typical fantasy land of beauty and honor, oh no this is a war built nation that absorbed those that they conquer – taking their citizens as its own. It’s basically a tiger living under tight grip of a leash. The moment you remove it the beast will attack. It’s the same thing that happens in the story of Fallen Legion+. The people are starving, forced under the rule of a ruler who ravaged their land.

What’s truly facilitating about this title is that you get to experience the story from two differing perspectives which come together to give further context to the game. Depending on which path you decide to take first, you’ll likely see the other as the villains, and your side as just; however, that may not be the truth. The real truth comes after experiencing both routes, and part of that truth is that the real victims of the whims of rulers are the people they rule over. I like this a lot because it’s a great depiction of reality. Those among us who think in us and them terms see the world from one point of view – they’re right and everyone else who doesn’t think like them are wrong. It’s a scary way of thinking because if a proper open minded dialog were opened chances are something good could come of understanding each other. I found playing a game like fallen legion+ perfectly depicted that.

Playing the game is quite simple too. You have the option to play the basic campaign or masochistic one life mode. During the game you progress by selecting nodes on a map then your characters progress on a beautifully illustrated 2D path through the stages in a on rails fashion. When you encounter an enemy you engage them by using the face buttons to command your exemplars to attack or to use your own magical attacks to support them. Alvin explores this combat system much better in our Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire review so check that for more details.

Graphically the game looks great on the PC. I can’t say that I’m as impressed by the look of the game as I was with the Vita version, for some reason I find it a bit rough around the edges, but that may just be my personal biases for the Vita showing, who knows you may fancy it a lot more than I did on the PC. What got my attention was actually the audio. The background audio really helped set an atmosphere of wherever the characters happened to be. From the echoes of dripping water and the knocking of chains in dungeons to the sound of the chilly winds of a frozen tundras, it all sounds like you’d expect, and I think it’s this attention to detail in the audio that truly brings out the beauty of this game.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been on the fence about picking up either of the other two games in this collection then this is the perfect package for you. At its launch price of $30 I think it’s well worth it. It’s a game that will keep you thinking about it long after you complete it. I wish it was also available like it is here for the PS Vita and PS4 so that players on those platforms could experience both paths one after the other as I was able to, however that’s not the case. For PC and soon switch user they’ll get the definitive version of this beautiful hand drawn gem. The PS4 owners can buy both games separately, and those with the Vita are pretty much out of luck with only one of the two paths available for the platform.

The copy of Fallen Legion+ used for this review was supplied to us by it’s Publishers, YummyYummyTummy.

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