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Since launch, Dead by Daylight has come a very long way. The devs have added tons of new content including: 8 new survivors, 8 new killers, 11 new maps set in 8 new locations. They’ve also added a bunch of features fans have been asking for like “survive with friends” modes, seasonal events, the shrine of secrets and a lot of new languages! Along with all that they’re also constantly thinking of new ways to make the game better and keep us all entertained (remember when hooks never repaired?)

From a team that began with only 30 developers that has grown to about 75 creative minds finding new ways to hunt you down and hang you from a hook, and its nice to see growth for them.

So much growth infact that Swedish publisher Starbreeze has decided to sell the rights for the game to it’s developer. The publishing rights to the game will not be transferred to Behaviour until Starbreeze has been paid the entire consideration of USD 16 million. Until then, Starbreeze will retain control over the games payment streams and remain the official publisher of the game. Per 1st of January 2018, Behaviour however assumes the obligations of Starbreeze in connection with the game under the Publishing Agreement, including all development and marketing costs. Behaviour has the option to remit final payment of the remaining balance due at any time and thereby take over the rights at an earlier date.

According to the original publishing agreement, Starbreeze and Behaviour split net revenues from the game 50/50 after development and marketing costs. Revenues from Dead by Daylight amounted to SEK 202 million in 2017, which was split 50/50 with Behaviour. During the same period, Starbreeze incurred costs attributable to the game of SEK 34 million, resulting in a surplus to Starbreeze for the game of SEK 66 million in 2017. The effect of the deal on Starbreeze revenues and profit will be determined by how the sales of the game develop.

The game was initially released for PC in 2016 and the console versions were released in 2017. Ten downloadable content (DLC) bundles have since been released. If the game follows the usual trend curve, sales revenues will decline in future years.

Upon expiration of the publishing agreement, Starbreeze will no longer have any rights connected to the game apart from rights to further compensation if the game is launched in China before 2020. Starbreeze can be compensated up to a maximum sum of 5 MUSD, with a time limit set to December 31, 2020.

With it’s publisher Starbreeze selling the rights to the game to it’s Developer, Behaviour Interactive Inc, they wanted to make it clear what this change would mean for fans of the exceptional game. Behaviour Interactive Inc has a lot planned for the game’s future, and here’s just a taste of it.

Here is a sneak peak at their Roadmap for the next year:

Here is a short breakdown highlighting all the new assets and quality of life changes we have coming to our own horror story:
  • 4 new survivors
  • 4 new killers
  • 4 new maps
  • A new progression system allowing players to unlock non-licensed survivors and killers by playing actively
  • New paid cosmetic items that won’t impact the gameplay with most of them unlockable by playing too, whether you play a lot or more casually.
  • A new ranking system for a more meaningful, more inclusive and more rewarding progress.
  • A new deployment process to trial new features and content on PC first, using PTB, meaning we can push it to all platforms as soon as it feels ready, rather than as soon as we can.
  • An anti-cheat reinforcement to help make Dead by Daylight a better place for all players.
  • A tutorial mode to improve new players’ onboarding and allow anyone to brush up their skills before going into ranked games.
  • Better tools to handle toxicity
  • Dedicated mid-chapter patches to make sure the content is as clean as possible, to look at some of the balancing element, but also to add quality of life improvements and polish when needed

Our team at Behaviour Digital is now more dedicated than ever to bring your the most horror based fun we can to your screens.

They also have some amazing seasonal events in store for fans to continue the fun traditions. The dev stated that their goal with Dead by Daylight is to never stop improving the experience of players. Dead by Daylight is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.
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