Plug and Play Ep. 181 – Library Adventure


What To Expect In This Episode:


This week the guys fail an attempt of recording live in Portland. Tim talks about missing his wife and what Crunch time means to his family. Surprisingly Tim gets a good shock at a local GameStop and recommends a TV show to Zach. Zach on the other hand has been feeling the California love over the past week and even brings us a tasty treat from a Cali based tasty treat producer aka brewery. We get into Trump talking about video games shockingly something he knows nothing about. Nintendo rolls out a weird loyalty program and Oculus shuts down due to a certificate. This week we introduce a new piece of Tech as Zach admits Tim was correct. We have multiple Kickstarters like usual and Tim and Zach must be on the same page when it comes to Tech as they both select similar projects and some not so similar. Tim explains Moss PSVR and Bayonetta while Zach talks Zelda and claiming the final Guardian. This is just a quick overview of this weeks highlights. Don’t forget to Subscribe to get the next episode when it drops next weekend. Check out our Instagram @plugandplaycast for photos of this weeks highlights and twitter @plugandplaycast for links to our Kickstarters, as always you can find everything over at our facebook.

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Items Discussed This Week:

Tech Talk:

DIY Camcorder



Tasty Brews Of The Week:

1st Half – Sharper IPA – Lincoln Beer Company (Burbank California)

2nd Half – Same as first half.



  1. Forgotten Creature Coins
  2. Raspad


  1. Skalpel
  2. RetroStone

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